The 135-meter Skyscraper-sinking ship Will Appear in Prague

The 135-meter Skyscraper-sinking ship Will Appear in Prague

The construction of new futuristic skyscrapers is always of great interest. The project of sculptor David Cerny and architect Tomasz Sisarz was not an exception. It caused a storm of discussions not only in the professional environment but also on the Web. And, this is no wonder, because looking at this creation, it is difficult to determine whether the ship crashed into the building, or the skyscraper is drowning in the abyss with it, but the authors of the concept still hope that their skyscraper can become a loud warning to humanity about the consequences of global warming.

The Top Tower Skyscraper

In the Nove Butovice area on the outskirts of Prague, the Top Tower will be built to symbolize a sinking ship. This building with a height of 135 m will be the highest in the Czech Republic. The unusual shape of the building is a reminder of global warming, which will cause a sea-level rise. Part of the skyscraper, symbolizing the ship, will be made of red steel and decorated with alpine plants. The main symbol will be the greenery growing from the building.

Inside the skyscraper, there will be 250 small apartments, offices, shops, and a cultural center. In the ship, there be will be installed an elevator that delivers visitors to the observation deck. On the roof of the building, there will be a garden with panoramic views of the city.

The building will be located outside the city because in the center of Prague the construction of high-rise buildings is prohibited by law. The skyscraper will be connected with a pedestrian park area leading to the Nove Butovice metro station.

The company expects to complete construction in at least three years. Architects said that the skyscraper will not spoil the panorama of the old city and revitalize the outskirts, follows from the publication.

Currently, the highest building in the Czech Republic remains the AZ Tower in Brno, which height is 111 m. Among the residential buildings, the 104th-meter V Tower in the Pankratz area, Prague, takes first place in height.

David Cherny

This is one of the most famous Czech sculptors-provocateurs and the main “hooligans of Europe”, the author of scandalous creations that skillfully combine humor, provocation, social and political satire, as well as clearly visible ironic “mockery” of the audience. His creations are scattered throughout Prague, and if the townspeople no longer pay attention to such tricks of the maestro, then tourists devote a whole day to seeing the most provocative sculptures with their own eyes.


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