Overseas Properties 2018 – A Househunter’s Guide to the Galaxy

Overseas Properties 2018 – A Househunter’s Guide to the Galaxy


Spain has a lot of obvious advantages, such as the amazing climate, sunny weather for more than 300 days a year, famous beaches, healthy cuisine and an attractive traditional culture.

Your children can receive an excellent education, and parents – one of the best levels of medical care. Today this country is recognized as the best country for immigrants. It is here that immigrants from other countries can easily integrate into a new society.


Greece. Here is a few reasons to lo love this country.

Incredibly beautiful and crystal clear sea of various shades. Very simple and tasty cuisine Everything is prepared from environmentally friendly products. If it’s seafood – it’s caught this morning, if it’s meat – something that melts in your mouth. . Mediterranean climate guaranteed harvested several times a year.

History. It probably knows everything that in every corner you will find some excavations and traces of antiquity. Greece can be considered not only the cradle of civilization but also the mother of the Christian religion.. Numerous temples, monasteries and chapels are scattered all over the country.

Simplicity and sincerity. Love of local people to beauty. In Greece, a lot of flowers, even near the roadways blossom bougainvillea, just the whole country is fragrant! Various colors are decorated with all the houses and streets.


The quality of life. There is always time for a cup of coffee, aperitif, communication with friends and parents, going to a pizzeria or a restaurant. Work to live. And do not live to work!

About Italian food written many books and kilometers of blogs. In Italy, the cult of food and no one even tries to hide it, it seems the opposite – they are proud of it.

Italians are very musical people, everyone , sing well, play musical instruments, understand opera and classical music.

Only here when you going out into the street, discover something new and beautiful. A lot of museums and exhibitions, monuments of architecture, objects of modern design and just beautiful houses, people, cars …

And the last, but probably the most important point. Italy is created for you, if you can not stand the rush and traffic jams.


In Germany that one of the lowest levels of youth unemployment in Europe. One of the reasons is a good education system. Workers in Germany can be assured of their legal protection.

Children’s playgrounds are the best in Europe. Many parks, greenery, swings and sandboxes – that’s exactly how Germany looks through the eyes of a child. Cleanliness and accuracy – experts all over the world give the highest evaluation of the quality of the public transport communication.

The transport scheme allows you to travel long distances with a limited budget, and all this with minimal harm to the environment.


Strong economy, robust tourism industry and breathtaking nature.. In other words, a recipe for success. The problem is that there are restrictions as to how foreigners own property in Thailand. You can only own a land leasehold or freehold the title to the construction on the land. Other than that, you can own up to 49% of a condo building. That is the primary focus of foreign investors in Thailand, the Condo market, because it allows for cheaper and easier to manage investments mainly in the rental market.


A real estate market that has been evolving rapidly for the past 5 years. This means that there are areas in Lisbon with astronomical prices but also that there are neighborhoods that offer great value for money. Plus, you can get a mortgage even as a foreigner.

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