How to choose a Swimming pool – Main Aspects to Consider

How to choose a Swimming pool – Main Aspects to Consider

Before you start building a swimming pool, which can be an excellent addition to any home area, you need to take into account many parameters and nuances.

Features of the site

Installation of a stationary pool does not begin with digging a foundation ditch, but with choosing a location and taking into account the features of the site. If the site is flat, then you can install just a bowl, and if you plan to install a pool on a slope, it must necessarily be multi-leveled. If the site has a high groundwater level, then for the construction of the pool you need a place on the hill. And you should be prepared for the fact that construction work will not be rapid in this area because of the constant accumulation of water.

The area of ​​the basin depends on the size of the free territory. For example, it should be placed as far as possible from poplars, willows, chestnuts, as their roots will reach for moisture, which can lead to damage to the waterproofing. Install the pool is on clay soil, which will protect against leakage if waterproofing is violated. 


The choice of materials depends on the design of the pool. The most budgetary option is plastic, but it is brittle and doesn’t last long. Improved performance is polypropylene. The material has a high density, so it can withstand temperature changes. It can last about 10 years. More expensive composite models are not subject to any external influences, even mechanical ones. Also, there are fiberglass bowls that are resistant to sunlight and do not cause difficulties in installation. Usually, the stationary pool has a concrete base and various forms, the choice of which depends on the features of the site. 

Size / Depth

When calculating the size of the pool, the site area and financial capacity should be taken into account. The optimum width of the pool is 5 meters with a length of up to 20 meters. If you make a pool for children, then the depth should not exceed 0.6 meters, and for adults – not less than 2 meters. And especially if jumps from a springboard are supposed. By the way, the size of the excavation should be much larger than the basin – by 0.7-1 meters in length and width, and also by 0.5 meters in depth. 

SPA, Jacuzzi or just for swimming

Before you order a pool, you need to consider for what purposes it will be used for. Perhaps, in addition to bathing, you want to use it for SPA treatments or a Jacuzzi, so that the rest is more enjoyable. If you decide in advance with the additional functionality of the pool, you can save a lot on the equipment, so as not to do the reconstruction of the finished object. 

Covered constructions

The covered construction, equipped with a heating system, will allow the pool to be used in the cold season. As well as closed-type constructions (cellular polycarbonate frames) in areas with a large number of trees, it is possible to protect water in pools from rapid contamination.

A part of landscape design

If one of the functions of the pool is to decorate the landscape design, then you should take a closer look at the compact small options. You can build in them a fountain, a system of constant water circulation or other unusual elements. At night, the pool can be made an independent element of the decor, setting the lighting around the perimeter or at the water supply points.

Design and decoration

According to the design, film, tile and mosaic pools are distinguished. In the first case, roll-up the material called polyvinyl chloride or polypropylene of blue, turquoise and blue colors will be used for finishing. The most beautiful and colorful decoration is obtained with the help of mosaic tiles. Also, the lining can be made water resistant tiles. The design of pools with wood, treated with a moisture-repellent solution, and natural stone look also great.

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