How to become a good realtor for real estate

How to become a good realtor for real estate


Many are attracted by realtor activity, it seems simple and profitable, visited a dozen apartments with the client and received a substantial sum. In reality, everything is somewhat different. To begin with – how to become a realtor. The simplest option – will be arranged in a good real estate agency. Usually, they take it without experience, and in parallel, you can take special courses. But, we will consider a more complex option – a private realtor. You work for yourself or together with like-minded people create your own agency.

We study the legalization.

Realtor activity is directly related to property, contracts, and money, so first, you need to study the latest versions of the regulatory legal acts governing civil legal relations (with scientific and practical comments). Pay attention to by-laws (government decrees), they specify the procedure for all operations.

Quickly learn the laws will not work. Operations with real estate, financial activities and contractual legal relations are so deeply regulated by law that it will have to work hard.

Guardianship and children in the sale of real estate, the legality of extensions and re-planning, payment terms, taxes – in all it is necessary to understand if you want to become a successful realtor.


Start with the agency
Without work experience and a comprehensive understanding of the realtor’s real-estate activity, it’s pointless to open your own company. Six months or a year you have to work as a hired realtor in a good agency. The last one should be popular, with a lot of customers, so you can see the whole amount of work and understand its essence. When choosing an agency it is necessary to start from the following factors:

As a rule, most of the clients from agencies located in the city center – the patency of people is big, the place is prominent, convenient.
How many years are the company on the market? Customers prefer more “adult agencies.”
Do not pay attention to the number of employees. The agent receives money as a percentage of the transactions so the company’s staff can be huge.
What do I need to know a realtor?
So, the agency has chosen to gain experience, now we will discuss a few tips. Firstly – a good appearance. With a nice, neat person, it is much more pleasant and interesting to communicate. It causes trust. Update your wardrobe with business style items.


There is no integrated training system for realtors, even if there are special courses. Typically, the agency independently conducts several classes, so that the new employee understands the essence of the real estate market, what are the houses and apartments, the differences between them, how to conduct transactions, work with clients, issue documents. This is basic knowledge. Where to take the client, usually, no one will teach you.
To become a realtor, you also need:

Understand the basics of psychology.
Be able to distinguish the types of clients’ identities.
To be able to negotiate.
Be able to communicate and explain information in a convincing manner.
To be able to inspire confidence, to locate a client.
For this very often, real-estate agencies invite business coaches.

It is necessary to understand economic issues. A successful realtor will easily analyze the real-estate market. You have to work with banks, study their loan so that if necessary, offer the client the most convenient option. You should have an answer to every customer question.



How to become an independent realtor?

Having worked in the agency, gaining experience can become a private agent. To do this, you need to register as a business entity. FLP will be sufficient. If you are creating a company with several partners, you can register a partnership.

To become a realtor from scratch, you will need at least a small office for the reception of customers. It is desirable to find a room in the busiest area of the city. Then you can start looking for customers. The easiest option is to advertise in local media, on the Internet, on the streets. It is desirable to create your own website. Most customers are looking for options for buying and selling real estate on the Internet. On your site, all services, approximate cost, contact information and feedback form should be indicated. Use promotional services to attract targeted visitors.

Actively use free bulletin boards. On them every minute there are proposals for the purchase and sale of real estate. As soon as you see the new announcement – call and offer your services, the faster you do it, the more customers you will have.

Working with the client

To become a good realtor, you need to learn how to work with clients correctly. You should immediately intelligibly explain all the nuances of cooperation. Enlighten the counterparty on all aspects of the legislation. The contract on the rendering of agency services, providing rights and obligations of the realtor and the client is necessarily included. The contract indicates the cost of your services and the order of their delivery. In the case of buying and selling real estate, as a rule, the seller pays up to 5% of the transaction amount to a realtor, for his services.

After the conclusion of the contract, the client is offered all possible options, suitable for his requirements. The work must be conducted until the client acquires/sells the property or until the contract is terminated for another reason. When finding a suitable option, the realtor deals with the transaction helps in the preparation of all necessary documents, references. Usually, the work of the agent ends at the signing of the contract of sale, unless otherwise provided by the realtor agreement.

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