TOP 5 residence permit programs for real estate investments

TOP 5 residence permit programs for real estate investments

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the relevance of programs for obtaining a residence permit has also increased. This is largely due to the fact that the previously obtained multi-entry visas practically do not work in conditions of global quarantine. No one can answer today when the borders open again. This makes third-country citizens to get interested in residence permit programs. Moreover, today there are a lot of them. They offer treasured documents in the Caribbean countries, Greece, Spain, Portugal and not only there. The greatest demand is on proposals for obtaining a residence permit via investment in real estate.

The most attractive countries to move to:

  1. Greece. It is here that a relatively inexpensive state program for obtaining a residence permit goes on. In order to become a full-fledged resident of the EU, it is enough to buy an apartment or a house for a family costing from 250 thousand euros upwards. There is no need to additionally study Greek or history of Greece. Through this program, a residence permit can be obtained by an applicant, a spouse, minor children and parents.
  2. Portugal. Anyone who buys a property from 280 to 350 thousand euros can become a European resident. The difference in price depends on which particular city or region of Portugal you buy a property: the less popular it is, the lower the investment will be. If you plan to buy an apartment in Porto or Lisbon, you will have to pay 500 thousand euros and upwards. Those who consider Portugal as a country for obtaining a residence permit should hurry up, as many say that the country’s authorities are planning to establish a legislative ban on the sale of real estate by those who want to take part in the residence permit program in popular regions.
  3. Spain. In this country, you can get a “golden visa” by buying a property at a price of 500 thousand euros and more. The program provides the possibility of purchasing several properties for a specified amount. If, for example, you want to move with your whole family, you can buy a house for yourself and a separate apartment for the children. The main thing is that the total value of properties should exceed half a million euros.
  4. Caribbean countries. Obtaining a passport for visa-free entry will cost you 100 thousand euros. “Caribbean passports” are not only inexpensive, but also provide certain advantages for those who plan to obtain a residence permit in the United States in the future or to reside in the UK for a longer period. Some countries have tax incentives.
  5. Cyprus or Malta. Unfortunately, Cyprian and Maltese program for obtaining Citizenship via Investment on property are not available at present. It is promised that Maltese program will launch in the near future in an updated form, Cypriot – suspended for an indefinite period. But in Cyprus there is a program for obtaining a residence permit, which is available when buying real estate from 300,000 euros. Experts argue that the program for obtaining a Cyprian passport in the future will “flow” from the program for obtaining a Cyprian residence permit.

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