Which apartments are in high demand in Spain?

Which apartments are in high demand in Spain?

Saving is not a characteristic that the Spaniards, accustomed to living in a luxury style, can boast of. But in matters of real estate, they have to compromise their principles, since the cost of houses and apartments in the country is quite high. The Idealista portal analyzed the market situation and found out which housing is most in demand in Spain.

The portrait of the average Spanish apartment, which has every chance of being sold quickly and without bargaining, still boggles the imagination of ordinary consumers. These are apartments with an area of 104 “square” with three bedrooms, the cost of which does not exceed 191 thousand euros.

The average statistical characteristics were derived from data on property sales in various regions of Spain in September of this year. If we consider real estate in the context of their location, then for apartments in the Balearic Islands, locals and foreigners are ready to spend an average of 343.9 thousand euros. The average apartment in Madrid is a little cheaper – almost 285 thousand euros. The third place in property prices in Spain is occupied by the Basque Country, where on average 263 thousand euros are paid for an apartment. Well, the cheapest Spanish real estate can be bought in Murcia, paying only 115 thousand euros for the coveted 104 “squares”.

Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply, so the Spaniards vote for the property they like with their wallet. And they know exactly how to bring down the price. According to statistics, equivalent apartments in buildings without elevators will cost 34% less than in buildings with elevators. Therefore, those who do not care how to get to the family nest, on foot or by lift, can save a lot by buying a less prestigious apartment in Spain. And when you consider that in Madrid 25% of all apartments for sale are located in buildings without elevators, it will not be difficult to find a suitable budget option. In Toledo, by the way, more than half of all residential buildings are not equipped with elevators, but in Pontevedra there are only 13% of buildings without elevators. Experts advise: if you want to save a significant amount on buying real estate – go to the province. For example, in Ourense, the cost of housing in houses without an elevator is 51% lower.

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