Introducing Efestio.com Services

Introducing Efestio.com Services

Everybody knows that there is much more in buying a house than buying just the property. There is a process before the puchase and a process after it. If you provide such services, we invite you to advertise your business on efestio.com.

Promote your real estate-related services to actual clients from around the world.

Let’s say you want to buy a property abroad, in Greece for example, and you have selected the house of your dreams. But, in order to complete the purchase , you will need a lawyer, a notary etc. After the purchase, you may want to rennovate or redecorate. This proccess is the norm and for many buyers, it’s a pain. Efestio combines the information of those service providers with the property you want to buy, giving you all the tools you need to have a smooth purhcase.

Professionals can connect with clients even more easily, since their services are advertised specifically for buyers of real estate.

We have 6 main categories:

  • Interior/Exterior
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Property Management 
  • Cleaning

If your services fall into one of those categories then don’t miss the chance to get additional clients! 


Our vision has always been to provide the full real estate solution to homebuyers and now, with services, we can do exactly that. Everything that a potential buyer may need before or after the purchase can be found here. 

Login to your account at efestio.com and select “Add new service“. From there, it’s a 4 minute proccess to add your service.


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