A list of countries was published, where the number of the super-rich during the pandemic rose or fell sharply

A list of countries was published, where the number of the super-rich during the pandemic rose or fell sharply

Due to the pandemic, the number of the super-rich individuals has risen in some countries. Wealth-X published the eighth edition of the World Ultra Wealth Report, in which Russia showed unexpected results.

Where do the super-rich live and how much money do they have

The super-rich are people whose fortune exceeds $ 30 million. There are 290 720 such people on the planet, their number increased by 9.5% in 2019. Their total wealth for the same period grew by 9.7%, to $ 34.5 trillion.

Only 1.2% of this number are under 35 years old, and 12% under 50. The average age of a super-rich person is 63 years. The oldest members of the privileged group live in South and North America, and the youngest in Asia and the Middle East.

Before the pandemic, most of the new super-rich appeared in Asia and North America. The slowest to get rich were Hispanics and the inhabitants of the Middle Eastern states.

How the pandemic has affected the super-rich

From January to April 2020, there were 18% fewer super-rich in the world: by the end of March, there were 238 060 people. During the same period, their total fortune fell to $ 25.4 trillion, by 28%.

By the end of August, the losses were partially compensated. Total capital rose to $ 32.2 trillion, 27% better than in the spring. But in comparison with the end of 2019, it turns out that 9% of wealth has been lost.

Who was affected during the pandemic and who got rich

Great Britain missed the most of the super-rich: there the number of citizens with a fortune of $ 30 million decreased by 16.9%, their capital – by 20.1%. Slightly smaller, but still impressive losses were suffered by the Spaniards, Austrians, French, Israelis, Belgians, Australians, Italians, Thais and Portuguese.

The least affected states include Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam and the United States. The capital of the super-rich in these countries fell by less than 10%, and the number of the rich fell by no more than 3%.

In five countries, there are more rich people than there was before the pandemic – South Korea, Taiwan, China, Denmark and Russia can boast of this. Denmark has the most impressive statistics: there have become 4.7% more super-rich people, their capital has increased by 4.3%. Russia got the 4th line in the rating: there are 2.5% more super-rich in our country, their capital growth reached 3.1%.

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