Top places to buy a commercial property in Greece

Top places to buy a commercial property in Greece

Buying commercial real estate in Greece is a promising business. The tourism industry and the economy are developing. So, you should use these advantages and purchase commercial real estate at competitive prices. Over time, of course, it can be resold significantly more expensive. But it would be more logical to start using commercial real estate for its intended purpose.

7 features of the purchase of Greek commercial real estate:

1. The democratic value of the finished objects of the premium class.
2. Loyal government policy towards foreign investors.
3. Developed infrastructure and high technological support.
4. Ability to organize a successful business in a European country.
5. Stable income provides a quick return on investment.
6. High liquidity.
7. Commercial objects undergo pre-sales legal and technical expertise.


Thessaloniki is considered the cultural and youth capital of the country. By area, only Athens overtakes the city. Therefore, they successfully vie for the number of attractions and infrastructure opportunities. The ancient city of Ano-Poli is located on the territory of Thessaloniki, which for more than 3 thousand years was ruled by the Romans, Turks, and Byzantines. This is one of the Greek sites from the list of historical monuments of UNESCO.

There is no pronounced holiday season in Thessaloniki – there is a year-round business here, tourists always come. The central area of the city is optimal for active pastime. There are a lot of hotels and apartments for short-term rent. Luxury property is located in the eastern region. A “bedroom” is considered to be western.

10 reasons to invest in real estate in Thessaloniki:

1. The possibility of obtaining a residence permit for yourself and your family.
2. European education – prestigious universities are located in Thessaloniki.
3. The largest business arteries of the country are concentrated in Thessaloniki.
4. Acquired housing can be rented all year round.
5. Real estate can be used for recreation or permanent life in Thessaloniki.
6. A wide selection of objects by location, area, layout, and design.
7. A mild Mediterranean climate with minimum precipitation and plenty of sunny days.
8. Long coastline and beautiful beaches.
9. Luxurious view of the Thermaic Gulf.
10. The resort of Khalkidhiki is nearby.


Buying a property in the capital of Greece is a 100% win-win option, because life here is year-round. Developers offer a variety of real estate options – for any budget and purpose. In Athens all large business is concentrated: in the city there are hundreds of boutiques of world brands, banks and representative offices of international companies. Most tourists begin their trip to Greece from this city. Athens has a huge amount of ancient monuments, historical centers and museums. Therefore, the volume of tourist traffic in the capital is gigantic. In terms of solvency, the population of Athens is leading against the background of other regions.

6 options for Athens real estate investment project:

• Hotels
• Gourmet places
• Shopping centers
• Offices
• Warehouses
• Industrial premises

Commercial properties in Athens can be bought for as low as € 200.000. Prices for objects will grow only due to the fact that there is not enough space for new construction.

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