13 Most Impressive Skyscrapers of the World

13 Most Impressive Skyscrapers of the World

Emporis Skyscraper Award named 13 world-best skyscrapers headed by the Shard.

The Shard (2013; London, Great Britain)


Photo by O-seop Sim from Pexels

The Shard belongs to one of the most unbelievable skyscrapers in the European Union. London building was created by Renzo Piano. It’s equipped with smart energy saving, ventilation and secondary use of rainwater systems. It’s 300-meter high and costs $750 mln.

De Rotterdam (2013; Netherlands)

De Rotterdam is a 150-meter-high complex. Its architect, OMA, wanted to create a cheap-looking but ideal building. 8 blocks with glassy walls contain offices, apartments, a hotel and a shopping center. Its price is $500 mln.

House on Mosfilmovskaya (2012; Moscow, Russia)


Emporis included 200-meter-high building in the list of the most important skyscrapers of the world. Yuri Grigoryan decided to sell modernistic architecture as a type of luxury and succeeded. It consists of two towers.  Its “competitor” is an orange tower called Mercury in Moscow.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange (2013; Shenzhen, China)

The stock exchange is an experimental building. It’s a project of Rem Koolhaas, the creator of De Rotterdam. Its unique shape allowed getting more space for communication and recreation.

Absolute Towers (2013; Toronto, Canada)

Emporis best 50-story towers are lined with aluminum and have a bionic shape allowing all tenants receive unique and comfortable living conditions.

Burj Qatar (2012; Doha, Qatar)

Burj Qatar is a 50-story office. Jean Nouvel, the architect, used energy-saving technologies and covered the building with a shading grid following the Islamic architecture and saving on ventilation. It costs $125mln.

Flame Towers (2013; Baku, Azerbaijan)

The shape of three skyscrapers resembles 200-meter-high flames. There are offices, apartments, and hotels. Architects have covered their façade with LED screens which simulate fire.

Al Bahar (2012; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

The architects of Aedas have created 30-story towers with movable parts. The top of the façade is covered with shading golden honeycombs protecting the interior from the heat. The outer layer is controlled by the computer and can be opened and closed depending on the illumination.

DC Tower 1 (2014; Vienna, Austria)

Dominique Perrault, the architect, has created a 250-meter high skyscraper that comprises the offices of medical companies and 4-star hotel rooms. It  took the second place according to Emporis competition and is located on the Danube River bank.

CCTV Headquarters (2012; Beijing, China)

The skyscraper is Chinese Central Television headquarters. It has the shape of a broken ring. It’s 234-meter high. A huge part of it hangs over the surrounding space. Its price is $800mln.

Sheraton Huzhou (2013; Huzhou, China)

It’s a 30-story complex for leisure and entertainment made of aluminum and concrete. The hotel’s price is $1.5bln. The bionic shape makes the building easier and better earthquake-resistant.

Porta Fira (2010; Barcelona, Spain)

100-meter high hotel buildings have a unique shape and attract tourists. It’s the winner of Emporis 2010 award.

One Сentral Park (2013; Sydney, Australia)

The facade of dwelling building is covered with greenery, which approaches its roof.

New buildings appear and the list will be renewed soon.

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