Crete: What are the Real Prices for Real Estate

Crete: What are the Real Prices for Real Estate

Crete is one the most attractive destinations for real estate purchase in the whole Greece. It is like a magnet that catches the people’s attention with small apartments and giant houses near the very shore of the sea and in the depth of the island. The real estate is available in peaceful regions and in noisy party resorts for all people who have got enough funds for purchasing the premise. The article covers the basic information and peculiarities of real estate and areas in Crete.

The pricing for dwellings in the paradise starts within range of €40-50,000 and greatly depends on the territory and the adjoining infrastructure. That is why it is advisable to look through the pricing according to the regions of the island together with their specifics.

The Regions of Crete Island

·     Heraklion

This is the largest area of the Crete island. It has got an abundance of touristic centers and picturesque harbors. It is an excellent place for the creation of hotel complexes. The place has got a huge international airport which makes it easily accessible. The region is filled with numerous architectural sights of Venetian and Osman periods. The price in this well-developed region starts with €1150 per square meter.

·     Lassiti

This is the most fertile land on the whole Crete island where rich soil is combined with luxurious beaches. Here you will find the most fashionable resorts. The resorts in this area are frequently titled the San-Trope of Crete. The townhouses in Lassiti start with €220,000 and more.

·     Elounda

This territory is located in the western part of Mirabella bay. The area has got an amazing complex of Venetian ruins on an adjoining island. The place is filled with shops of all types. It will be greatly appreciated by people who prefer luxurious relaxation. Here you will find the best villas in the whole island for VIP customers. The pricing for cottages and villas in the area starts with €320,000.

·     Rethymno

It is the historical capital of Crete. Starting with the period of Venetian ruling this place was the trade center of that time. It is an excellent place for those who adore stunning mountain and ocean views. Here are numerous museums and places of interests which are worth seeing. The coast line here is the longest on the whole island. This is one of the most affordable regions on the island with the price that starts with €1000 per square meter.

Special Points to Consider

The largest island of Greece can boast with numerous regions and each of them can come to liking thanks to unrepeatable features. While purchasing the real estate it is necessary to be prepared to the fact that you won’t find giant condos. Most of  the real estates are presented by two-storied buildings and large villas. These buildings reflect the spirit of the nation.

In general, the price grows with the closer distance to water and with the level of infrastructure around. This rule applies to all real estate in the world. The climate, regardless, of the area, on the island is beneficial for health so any type of dwelling can be transformed into a healthcare resort or into some sort of party house that can bring profit.

It is advisable to concentrate on purchasing the ready built houses and not searching for the empty areas as it will automatically lead to even greater expenditure. In some cases, it is hard to purchase the real estate as native people are cherishing the land of their ancestors and the buildings on it.

We strongly hope that this article will discover some helpful facts regarding the real estate on Crete island and assist you in selecting the most suitable place.

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