Why Andermatt Is An Awesome Opportunity For Investors

Why Andermatt Is An Awesome Opportunity For Investors

Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in Europe for buying real estate. Few people know that the Andermatt region in the heart of the Swiss Alps deserves special attention in terms of investment in housing.

Andermatt is a place where you can enjoy the fresh alpine air and relax in the picturesque setting of the alpine mountains. Andermatt Swiss Alps is carrying out large-scale construction work, as a result of which the former garrison town of the Swiss Federal Army has become one of the best year-round resorts in the world. However, the resort offers not only excellent service but also special conditions for the acquisition of real estate.

Special Rights for Real Estate Buyers in Andermatt

According to a decision of the Swiss government dated December 21, 2007, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG was granted the complete repeal of the Lex Koller Act, which restricts the acquisition of real estate to non-residents. Thanks to this, all foreign investors can freely and unlimitedly buy property from the company and sell it again. This amendment will be valid at least until the end of 2030.

In addition, all the apartments from Andermatt Swiss Alps AG are not subject to the “supplementary residence” law, which limits the construction of second homes to a certain percentage of the total number of houses in the municipality.

Favorable Tax Policy

Switzerland is traditionally known for its favorable tax policy with high legal security, political stability, and low tax rates. In Switzerland, the canton of Uri has a leading position in relation to low tax rates. The maximum income tax rate is the second-highest in Switzerland. In addition, there are no inheritance or gift taxes in the canton of Uri.

Rental Program

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG real estate can be used for both primary and secondary residence. If the property is purchased as an additional place of residence, the owner has the right, during his absence, to rent apartments to vacationers and thereby increase his income. At the same time, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG fully assumes the services of real estate marketing, as well as services for its rental to vacationers. These services cover customer service, home furnishings, maintenance of the apartment, and the surrounding area, bookkeeping and much more.

New real estate on request is complemented by a variety of sports and leisure opportunities for the whole family. The concept of sustainable planning and uncompromising attention to quality are the best prerequisites for long-term growth in value and, thus, guarantee an attractive investment in real estate.

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