Italian Style In The Interior Design

Italian Style In The Interior Design

Refinement and simplicity, expressed in sunny and soft shades – this is a distinctive feature of each house decorated in Italian style. The interior in the Italian style is characterized by the use of natural materials that emphasize light negligence and harmony with the environment.

Italian Style Color Palette

The color scheme of the Italian style is almost entirely based on natural shades. Most often, combinations are created in which a neutral color predominates, and juicy tones, like impregnations, complement the design. The basis of the Italian style palette is shades of brown, yellow, green, beige, gray, and blue.

All colors are very vibrant and pleasant, they create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. However, it all depends on the type of Italian style. The classics are characterized by a restrained and calm palette of shades, while the modern Italian style tends to brighter and juicier colors.

Italian Style Interior Design Details

The Italian style in the interior is a combination of classics and modern trends. It is equally well suited for connoisseurs of the Mediterranean direction, fans of cheerful designs, and lovers of cozy places.


Furniture is selected depending on the chosen direction. The classic Italian interior is decorated with elegant wooden furniture, preferably handmade. Italians really appreciate exclusive custom-made furniture, and best if it is in a single copy. Classical Italian style features include Murano glass inserts, filigree, countertops, and marble shelves.


Things with a rich history can be great focal points in the design. An antique crystal chandelier or a vintage bookcase will suit the role of an accent detail in the living room, while the Italian-style bedroom interior will be complemented by a picture that was inherited from ancestors.


Do not be afraid to combine modern materials and rare objects. The main goal of interior decoration in this style is to ensure that the finished design looks organically and holistically.


Italians are very hospitable people who reverently honor family traditions. That is why a large dining table should be an indispensable attribute of a living room or kitchen in the Italian style.


As for the modern Italian direction, its characteristic feature is fashionable pieces of furniture and decor, high-tech household appliances, and current trends. Volumetric sofas upholstered in velour, leather, and textile chairs on thin nickel or copper bases, streamlined dining chairs made of velvet and wood are very popular.

Try to plunge into the breathtaking atmosphere of the Mediterranean, decorating your home in the Italian style!

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