Where to Buy an Apartment by the Sea and Save?

Where to Buy an Apartment by the Sea and Save?

The boom in the global real estate market continues. Even the countries of Southern Europe, in which housing prices have declined steadily in recent years, begin to show growth. And yet, if you try, you can find resorts with cheap apartments. We present a selection of places where, with a budget of up to € 25,000, you will have plenty to choose from.

  1. Albania (Durres, Vlora, Saranda, Shengjin)

In the past few years, average property prices in Albania have been declining slightly. Basically, the decline is recorded in regions remote from the sea. Albania is the only country on the Adriatic where an apartment on the first line and with a panoramic sea view can be bought for less than € 1,000 per m². For example, in the vicinity of Vlora, for € 21,700 they sell a studio in a complex that is located 100 meters from the beach.

  1.  Bulgaria (Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Nessebar, Kosharitsa)

Apartments in large Bulgarian cities are becoming more expensive, but on the coast prices are still creeping down, albeit very slowly. Sellers are forced to make concessions because too many objects are put up for sale. Foreign buyers, who previously willingly dismantled seaside apartments, have become smaller in number. On the secondary market for only € 20,000 you can buy a 45 m² apartment, already with furniture and appliances, located in a lived-in complex 800 meters from the sea.

  1.  Georgia (Batumi, Kabuleti)

Georgian resorts are developing thanks to the influx of tourists. For the year, only the number of guests from Russia jumped to 30%. Travel industry helps the real estate market to keep afloat – new complexes are being built and are being bought up little by little, including by foreigners. There are obvious benefits – low prices, even for very high-quality new buildings by the sea. So, for € 23,000 in Batumi, you can buy a 30-meter studio in a first-class complex with a swimming pool.

  1.  Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Corinth)

The cheapest real estate in Greece is an old apartment on the first floor (that is, without a view), often cramped (up to 30 m²). Offers worth up to € 25,000 are many, and sometimes there are some very interesting options among them. For example, in Corinth, for € 19,000 they sell an apartment on the fifth floor: the footage is only 27 m², but a spacious terrace and stunning sea views are attached to it.

  1.  Spain (Torrevieja, Alicante)

A couple of years ago, cheap property offers in Spain were much more. Now they are also found, mainly on the Costa Blanca. For example, in Alicante for € 21,000 they sell the 70-meter apartment. However, it will certainly require repair.

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