Why investing on the beach should be your next move

Why investing on the beach should be your next move


If you are thinking about making a move to add a beachfront property to your portfolio, then a buyer’s agent from Cohen Handler could be the best option for you. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) reported that the most expensive house sold in the regional areas of the state was fronted by the beach .

Seaside properties are more than just great investments

Houses purchased as investments are not only great for adding value to an existing or new portfolio, but are not subject to the same sorts of market changes that stocks and shares are either. Where a property near the ocean is different to a standard investment however, is how much more desirable it is to reside there yourself.

Investments could well end up paying for themselves with rental payments and reselling on the cards, but if you purchase a property that really stands out and includes some of the most beautiful views in the world, why not live there yourself? Even as a holiday house for certain parts of the year, investing in a seaside property has many benefits.

According to Dr Thomas Ferkol, people who live by the sea experience better health because they are generally more active, and people who swim in the ocean even more so. Inhaling small quantities of sea air will open up your airways and allow you to breathe easy when thinking about your investment decisions.

When deciding on an investment property, employing the help of a buyer’s agent is a major key to making sure you are successful.

Experts in the areas of transacting and closing deals, the agent can take all of your requirements and find the perfect piece of real estate to match. If you are looking for a growing suburb or just picturesque views, or both, then Cohen Handler can give you the right advice.

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