Is it Possible to Live in an Apartment of 8 sq. m.? Capsule Houses in Japan

Is it Possible to Live in an Apartment of 8 sq. m.? Capsule Houses in Japan

Capsule houses are not rare and become more and more popular in the land of the rising sun. This type of houses is extremely popular in cities with a high population in order to save squares for living space and maintaining maximum functionality at the same time.

Each apartment has from four to three meters. They were originally created for Japanese merchants who wanted to take a break during their long journey to home. Today the apartments are equipped according to the standard: bed, sink, bathroom, folding desk and even a TV-set with an alarm clock.Each capsule house was created to serve as a small corner in megapolis with all the necessary conditions for a citizen. The Nakagin tower is a good example of such tiny apartment.  it is a 13-storey building with 140 individual capsules-mobile units. They can be combined and moved. The house itself is a unique project of the architect Kisho Kurokawa, embodied in 1972 and it has become a kind of symbol of technological ambitions of Japan.


According to sociologists, to buy an apartment for 100 squares, an ordinary resident of Beijing should not eat or drink for 80 years and this despite the fact that the prices of apartments rise by at least 50% every year.

Capsule hotels follow the emergence of the capsule apartments. For 61CNY ($10) in Haikou (Hainan province) you can rent one of these rooms. The hotel covers an area of 200 squares and offers a choice of one of 26 capsules for tourists. Nonetheless, one cannot live in this room. Its dimensions are equal to the width and length of a single bed. Inside one will find a TV, fan, wi-fi and a folding table. Tourist with a low budget probably do not need more.

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