Kitchen – Trends in Design 2018

Kitchen – Trends in Design  2018

No matter if your present kitchen design needs restoring or you just want to renew a color scheme, it is the high time to make up a plan for the room of your dreams. But what are the most popular designs?

Blue Colors

From deep blue to light-blue this color is the right choice for your kitchen. Darker shades of the universal color are currently in a fashion. Painting walls in blue are for confident owners who want to make a statement within the house.

 Accent on Golden, Warm and Neutral Shades

Golden colors have been popular for some time, but a new trend is to combine it with brown or organic materials. Such mix creates a cozy atmosphere. Boho style is not only easy to combine with other colors, but also goes side-by-side with top quality and classic design.

 Delicate Pastel Colors

Beautiful pastels represent many benefits for the outline and are perfect to introduce fun to the design, notably when you use contrast finish. It is aimed to be original but not bold. Use it to highlight and create objects, pastels in blue, green, yellow or pink to impress anyone.

 Hardworking Islands

Islands remain dominative with a lot of big kitchens. Most of them have two islands – breakfast bar for seating and kitchen area for cooking. Such bars may serve as a place for storage and the one for eating. They are rarely utilised to prepare food. However, by installing a special appliance on the island every guest will have enough place to help in cooking.

 Open Shelving

The open shelves become more popular nowadays. One can decorate them with luxurious food items. A lot of greenery may be added as well. Using internal lights for open shelving it is possible to create living room feel. However using hidden yardages, one may hide old cookware.

 Hidden Lightning

Properly installed lightning is a key to any great design. Use LED strips to illuminate the work surface. To complement the lightning, use downlights positioning them carefully. In order to change the ambiance in the kitchen, install lightning under counters.

 Smart Kitchen

In 2018 it is necessary to install smart devices for the kitchen. Via wifi, it would be possible to control the room from any place. To make the cooking process simple and easy, install vacuum treatment and steam ovens. Integrate music, lightning and control them via a central hub. Simply press a button and listen your favorite music or find recipes.

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