The Purchase and Renting of the Real Estate in Australia

The Purchase and Renting of the Real Estate in Australia

To move to another continent, including Australia is not that difficult. Paperwork, packing of suitcases, a plane ticket, and you get it. Although, before buying your own property for permanent residence in a foreign country, you should clarify all the aspects.

It will be problematic to become the owner of the living space on the secondary market if you have not invested in its maintenance or construction during a year. Buying a home in Australia has recently become more difficult, but all the advantages of real estate in this paradise of the planet from this only increase.

Рrices & Places

The unique nature with its flora and fauna will be a pleasant fireproof bonus even to a small house or apartment. If the property is located near the ocean, it will certainly affect its price status. Especially popular today are small mansions and modern townhouses.

The cost of housing in Australia after the World crisis at first fell slightly but then acquired a different vector. The price of one square meter on the Green Continent rose in January of this year. This growth ranges from 10%. House prices in Australia also depend on the city in which the property is located. It is noteworthy that here it’s not the capital of Canberra that becomes attractive but such major centers as Sydney and Melbourne.

In the latter, the price level is at around € 443.200, and in the “Olympic city” is € 17.730 higher. Again, the point is the location. The capital is located in the depths of the mainland, and these cities are closer to the ocean. And since the problem of transport is obvious here, the accession of waterways becomes a big plus. The province is valued several times less.

Renting of the Real Estate

To rent a house in Australia, as elsewhere, is easier than to buy. The cost of this service varies considerably in different parts of the continent. In Sydney, for a week you will have to pay from € 120 to 284 for one room. In Melbourne, you can rent a room from € 120 to 195. Two-room apartments will cost € 142-235.

It is necessary to examine in details all the nuances in order to be able to save where you can not overpay. The main thing, before renting a home in Australia, is to analyze which city is more attractive and for what purposes (vacation, work, etc.), how often you have to travel, and what your financial possibilities are.

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