How to Work properly with Luxury Clients in the Sphere of Real Estate?

How to Work properly with Luxury Clients in the Sphere of Real Estate?

Working in the Luxury segment is not only big money but big obligations. VIP customer service should be debugged, like a Swiss watch, because not only profits but also the company’s reputation are at stake.

The vagaries and high expectations are an integral part of working with a VIP client. Many realtors want to work with this segment but not everyone succeeds. Why? What is special about these clients? How to work with them?

How to Find out what a VIP Client Needs?

There is no most complete and reliable source of information than the client himself. Learning to listen to a client is sometimes as difficult as talking beautifully, but this is the first and most important thing that a consultant should be able to do. This is where the “active listening” technique comes in handy.

Empathic listening techniques will help to endear oneself and learn as many details as possible.

Working without analyzing marketing information is like cutting a salad with eyes closed – you never know at what point you miss.

  • First of all, it is necessary to analyze the secondary information that is about the client: statistical data, publications, available analytics, and incoming information from the client.
  • Secondly, it is inevitable to look for an opportunity to get unique data about clients, for example, to conduct in-depth interviews with them. Understanding who your customer is and what his needs are – meeting his expectations becomes a matter of technology.

Rules that must be Followed by the VIP Realtors:

  • First of all, you need to be an expert, not a friend. Friendliness should be expressed only in a sincere desire to help, understanding the needs and problems of the client.
  • A professional realtor does not condemn, does not discuss or envy his client (even mentally). He thinks with the client in some categories and shares his values.
  • The consultant solves the problem of the client and does not sell for the sake of a sale.
  • They have a high level of self-organization and know how to organize a workflow around themselves so that all promises and deadlines are kept.
  • They deeply delve into the client’s questions, studies his company, product, competitors, and offer only ready-made solutions.
  • The VIP realtor poses specific questions, having previously considered and analyzed them. Questions should not violate the personal space of the client and give a reason to doubt the competence.

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