Tenerife: areas of the island and examples of the cost of housing

Tenerife: areas of the island and examples of the cost of housing
Expert opinion by  Irina Grenfild, mcmtenerife.com
In this article we will tell you about the main types of housing on the island of Tenerife, give examples of prices that will help you choose the most profitable areas in Tenerife for investment.

In previous materials, we have already talked about the climate of Tenerife, as well as the advantages of buying property in Tenerife, now is the time to talk about the areas and cities in Tenerife for buying a house.

Traditionally, it is common to divide Tenerife into the northern and southern parts. About the north, say a few words: here is the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the business and administrative center of the island, where the government, port, and much more, which is typical for large cities and medium. Regarding the climate, which attracts most tourists in Tenerife, we say that in the northern part of the island, rains are much more frequent than in the south, and the beaches are open only from May to October. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is more interesting for businessmen, from the point of view of investment here are attractive commercial premises, high business activity. For most travelers and tourists, the northern part of the island is of little interest for living on holiday because of the lack of beaches in winter and the climate in general. But the city is beautiful, there is the famous Loro Park, the shopping center “El Corte Inglés”, a lot of restaurants, cafes, parks and of course we recommend to any tourist or guest of Tenerife.

But the southern part of Tenerife, from San Miguel de Tahao to Los Gigantes is the most popular tourist destination of the Canary Islands. Come here not only for the first-class infrastructure for recreation but first of all – for the climate. It is warm all year round, on average + 25-27 ° C, with an average air humidity of 65% and rainfall occurs on average five days a year. It is not for nothing that Tenerife is called the “island of eternal spring”. Thanks for the wonderful weather in the southern part of Tenerife is the Teide volcano. The highest point of Spain (3,718 meters above sea level) dissects cyclones and other unfavorable air currents coming from the north.

It is in the south that the most attractive cities, suburbs, and areas for buying real estate in Tenerife are located. And if some objects are good for seasonal rest and permanent residence, others can become an excellent investment and bring profit to its owner.
Do you want to know where this apartment is? Read – and find out.


Playa de las Americas 

Playa de las Americas is called the informal capital of tourist Tenerife (south of Tenerife). The city is located in the south-west of the island, in the municipality of Arona. Even in the middle of last century, there was practically nothing, but in 1970 a picturesque corner on the Atlantic coast was spotted by investors from the United States. So the mass construction of the resort infrastructure began. And since the first hotels were built by the Americans, who here also rested, the name “beach of Americans” was established outside the city.

Today Playa de las Americas is a visiting card of Tenerife. Most of the tourists who bought vouchers, it is here. The city is full of nightlife: young people “hang out” in bars and nightclubs – Papagayo beach club, Monkey beach club, Magic and many others. In addition, the Playa de las Americas operates the only casino in the south of the island. The resort has the same name street with boutiques of famous brands – Gucci, Armani, Rolex and others for which it received its second name “Golden Mile”. Note also Piramide de Arona – a theater famous for its flamenco show and other performances. In general, this is the most “hype” place and untwisted place of the island.

Not surprisingly, real estate in this city is quite expensive, to be more precise, it is one of the most expensive areas. Now in the course of two and three-room apartments. Depending on the distance to the beach, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment from € 155,000 to € 280,000 (on the first line of the ocean). The cost depends on the type of real estate, location (proximity to beaches and the ocean), the area, the number of bedrooms, the condition of the complex and the apartment itself. Not unimportant is the presence of a terrace and a view of the ocean. It should be understood that 80% of housing in the city of Las Americas is a “secondary housing” of the 70s-80s. In the nineties, most of the fund was repaired, but only externally, painted and renewed the facade part of the buildings. So owners of real estate have problems with electrical wiring wear of plumbing pipes. Not all homes and complexes have the ability to connect high-speed Internet, as the fiber optic cable only now “comes” to the southern part of Tenerife. So if you are used to the 100 Mbit / s rate, a “surprise” is waiting for you in Tenerife, for today it is a big rarity in the south of the island.

Despite the shortcomings associated with the age of buildings, accommodation in Playa de las Americas is the most liquid and in demand all year round. Most people buy local real estate to spend several months a year in Tenerife. This is a good investment from the point of view of rental potential: as tourists from all over the world travel here without a break (we remind you that there is no winter in Tenerife), you can earn a good lease: the average cost is 350 euros per week in a single apartment.

Playa de las Americas

Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is in the neighborhood and, in fact, together with the Playa de las Americas, they merge into a single agglomeration. Here is the same information as Las Americas: the construction began in the 70s of the last century, almost simultaneously with the Playa de Las Americas, the property is mostly secondary and very popular with tourists. There is one important difference: Los Cristianos has a port, from where ferries leave for the island of La Gomera. The berth is moored by passenger and fishing vessels. Because of this, the beaches here are not always clean. But holidaymakers are not afraid: on the beaches in Los-Cristianos, too, there are always a lot of people. Numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars offer visitors all the conditions for eating, drinking, and dancing. And fans of active leisure prefer to stroll along the promenade along the ocean.

Take note: in this part of the island resting almost all arriving in Tenerife youth. Young people and girls like not only to go to clubs but also to organize parties in their apartments, warm up with alcohol, other available means and have fun all night. So if you decide to rent, rent an apartment or any kind of lodging in the center of Las Americas or Los Cristianos, information about the neighbors will not be superfluous for you. If you take the Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos together, then the main part of the tourists here – the British. Recently, they are “pinched” by the Italians, increasingly on the beaches of these resorts, you can meet Chinese, French, and Scandinavians. Most of the tourists arrive in Tenerife from mid-October to April. It is during this period that European airlines organize charters for the island. There is a simple explanation: from May to September, warmth comes to Europe, and during this period the Old World is able to compete with distant warm islands and provide themselves with resorts, mostly Mediterranean ones. For example, it is much easier for the same Germans and Englishmen to reach Italy, France or Spain. Now the directions of Turkey and Egypt have opened again, which will “take” from Tenerife about 2-2.5 million tourists in the 2018-2019 season. But the holy place is not empty, Tenerife also does not stand still, which means that tourists will come from countries that previously did not differ in mass visits to our island.

Los Cristianos

Bahia del Duque, Costa Adeje

Bahia del Duque is the district of the city of Adeje and the main VIP zone of the whole island. Here there are people with high incomes and those who are important status. Actually, the status is the main “chip” of the given place. In Bahia del Duque “dwells” a respectable public, so if it is important for you to live with rich people and the status is important, you here. There is an opportunity to start “look around” and ask the price for this area, having booked a room in the same fashionable hotel Bahia del Duque. The center of the district is the round shopping center Plaza del Duque, which we call “puck”. The shopping center is surrounded by villas of classical style and high-tech, costing from one to six million euros. Distance to the sea – two to five minutes on foot. But spacious apartments or two-level apartments in the urbanization of Terrazas del Duque will cost the buyers from € 450,000 for an apartment with 2 bedrooms with a terrace-solarium on the second level. Property prices in the Bahia del Duque are a ceiling, so expect a rapid increase in the cost of investment invested in the area, in the near future is not worth it.

Bahia del Duque, Costa Adeje

San Eugenio Alto, Costa Adeje

Returning to the popular property, say a few words about the area San Eugenio Alto, Costa Adeje. The area is popular for panoramic views of the ocean, Aqualand, and Siam Park. Prosperous buyers, including those from Russia, like to buy here villas. Many have large areas, terraces with panoramic views of the ocean and the Costa Adeje, so some properties are real estates.


Playa Paraiso, Costa Adeje

Administratively Playa Paraiso belongs to the municipality of Adeje, this is an independent resort with small beaches, which overlook the island of La Gomera. More recently, very few people knew about Playa Paraiso. But a few years ago, the bosses of Hard Rock Hotel bought two high-rise buildings in the city, reconstructed, internal and external repairs and voila – now every evening the facade of two “candles” plays lights and lighting, and the five-star hotel accepts numerous guests. Here one of the best discotheques of the island under the open sky rattles, where famous DJs and stars of the 80s come. At the disposal of holidaymakers is a huge swimming pool with sea water, which works during the day.

Thanks to the development of the hotel sector, in the last few seasons, the apartment in Playa Paraiso has risen in price by 1.5 times. Now there is no need to wait for a sharp increase in the price. The town is filled with new buildings: townhouses and apartment complexes. 2 bedrooms apartment can be purchased for € 135,000. Often the price depends on the presence/absence of a panoramic view of the ocean and the terrace. A two bedrooms apartment with a side view of the ocean in a nice complex with a swimming pool or two, now it costs an average of 180-190 000 euros.


Callao Salvaje, Costa Adeje

Continue to move along the coast to the West of the island and get to Callao Salvaje, which is located just behind Playa Paraiso. Today it is one of the most attractive areas of the island in terms of investment, further resale, renting, recreation and for life. Holidaymakers in the Canary Islands not so long ago saw this resort, and realtors quickly assessed the potential of the place. Now they are building a VIP complex with golf courses and real estate in the style of hi-tech. In Cairo Salvaje there is a good school with teaching in English and the only Orthodox church in Tenerife.

The area is excellent for both seasonal rests on the ocean, and for permanent residence. Right on the beach is the hotel, as well as popular restaurants and cafes. Near the beach of Playa del Ajabo are compact residential residences. Townhouse (one or two common walls with neighbors) in an urbanization with a swimming pool and in walking distance from the sea can be bought for € 186,000. Prices for small villas vary in the range of 290-320 thousand. True, not all houses have a convenient access: sometimes the owners have to leave the car in the parking lot and go to the house on foot. But some agree with neighbors and equip the parking space to the detriment of the garden. Most villas have their own small pool. Compare: in Playa, de las Americas € 280 000 has cost 1 bedroom apartment on the first line of the ocean, and here for € 320 000 you can buy a detached house with 3-4 bedrooms and private area. Let it not on the first line, but in walking distance from the beach, 5 minutes walk to the equipped beach.



The Alcalá region is located between the Playa San Juan Puerto de Santiago and a couple of years ago it was just a fishing village, but with the five-star Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, which was the tourist value of this town. But now in Alkala arranged several beaches and a beautiful promenade. Investors started buying apartments from local residents, doing repairs and selling, renting out. Prices for two-bedroom apartments in Alcalá today start from 90 thousand euros.

This is an excellent option for investing and reselling. The matter is that now in a small town there is not enough infrastructure for the rest of the tourists and there are no large network shopping centers. But the city is actively developing, which means that any business and tourist investments attract demand and rise in the price of local housing. Already now, rental housing is actively offered in the area, there are equipped beaches. The coastal waters of the ocean on this stretch of the coast are cleaner than on the super popular Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos.


Los Gigantes

The city of Los Gigantes is famous for its steep cliffs Acantilados de Los Gigantes, overhanging the ocean. So lovers of monumental natural beauty here like it. In addition, Los Gigantes is the beach of Playa La Arena from black volcanic sand. Surprising beauties of the local coastline for a long time crash into memory, but be careful: in some places, the entrance to the ocean is sharp and deep, and high waves can be knocked down. Black sand and beaches of volcanic origin are quite typical for the island.

With regard to real estate, it is worth mentioning the complex of apartments (from € 185,000 for a one-bedroom apartment) and townhouses (from € 320,000) to Playa de la Arena. All the premises of the complex are fully furnished and equipped with air conditioning, at the disposal of the residents of the complex are two public swimming pools, one of which is heated. From the point of view of Russians people, here is the best planning on the whole island. For the Spaniards, it is normal to have miniature bedrooms (sometimes you can just bypass the bed and everything), but our compatriots like big rooms and space, and this expanse in Playa de la Arena is. At the disposal of the owners of the apartments are not only large bedrooms according to Spanish standards but also a separate kitchen, a living room with a terrace, an entrance hall and a balcony. From the upper apartment, there is access to the solarium (roof of the building), where you can arrange a summer kitchen and put a terrace group of furniture with sofas and armchairs.

Los Gigantes itself is a very calm and quiet city. There are few parties and parties here, in the evenings the city plunges into silence. Some buyers purchase realtors at the time of purchase: this is what you need. But after a few weeks, they begin to “dodge” by car in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, at the epicenter of the island’s life. Another point: in Los Gigantes, it is difficult to walk. Visitors are surprised: how do local cars get such a huge mileage? The fact is that in this area of the island, as in some others, there is a rather relief terrain, which means a lot of descents and ascents. And if the descent to the beach flies cheerfully and fervently, then the way back “uphill” some tourists weary of the sun overcome with difficulty. True, it is like girls who dream of pumping their buttocks.

Los Gigantes

Las Galletas and Costa del Silencio

Here, unlike Los Gigantes, just a flat surface. This is a rarity for the island, and accordingly, a great advantage of this zone. In these parts, you can do without a car and enjoy long hiking, ride a bike, so this area is recommended for living older people. Tourist infrastructure is few, and the beaches are wild in places. Again, this has its charm: you can safely enjoy the peaceful rest and greatness of the ocean, without eschewing the noisy youth companies. The “heart” of the island – Playa de las Americas is literally ten kilometers away, so you can always get there quickly by public transport to visit the theater, casino or a top nightclub. There is a port, water entertainments, yacht and boat rental. In the mornings the seafood market works. A large number of restaurants, bars, cafes. Accommodation in Las Galletas and Costa del Silencio is mostly secondary, two-bedroom apartments near the beach can be bought for € 100,000 – 110,000 euros.
However, prices are skyrocketing.


Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf

We go further east to the city of Golf del Sur, where it is worth to stop in more detail. This resort we add to the list of one of the most attractive on the island from the investment point of view. The suburb of Amarilla Golf is one of the most actively built up areas of Tenerife, it is suitable for rave holidays as well as for a serene pastime. Soon there will be commissioned several new residential complexes and hotels. The price for a “trash” on the first line of the ocean and a public heated pool starts from € 142,000 (!). The new housing is, for the most part, oriented not to the Spaniards, but to the newcomers, so the layout and price for us is quite pleasant. As you might have guessed from the title, there are a lot of golf courses on this stretch of the coast, which attracts UK residents who are known to be big fans of driving the ball into the pocket. The British can rent out apartments from 250 euros per week. In summer, open-air and musical festivals take place on the golf courses.

Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf

El Medano

The last point of our virtual tour is called El Medano. This is an ideal place for surfers. There are stages of the World Cup in wind and kite surfing, so in El Medano is concentrated this “gang” of fans to tame the wave and dissect on the board. At the same time for ordinary guests, such factors as high waves and strong wind are desirable not always. Because of the wind, autumn and winter are cool enough (by the standards of Tenerife). Despite this, the city is expanding, and a lot of new housing. The main life of El Medano sounds like this: choose real estate is not on the first line of the wind (ocean), and houses are hidden behind other housing.

El Medano beaches are suitable not only for water sports but also for classical relaxation with bathing and sunbathing: some of them have the Blue Flag award (like many in Tenerife), which means a high level of comfort, ecology, and safety. The entrance to the water here is shallow and gentle – you can walk 30 meters and realize that you are still standing in the water to the waist. In addition, on most beaches of El Medano, you can relax with dogs, which is not allowed everywhere. Prices in cafes and restaurants here are noticeably cheaper than in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. Prices for housing are quite loyal: a townhouse with a living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage for two cars can be bought for € 320,000. Some townhouses have a feature: a spacious semi-garage room that can be used for your taste. Someone arranges a workshop for themselves, someone makes a recreation area with a home theater or game console to watch a movie loudly or knock on the joystick without disturbing their relatives or friends.

Successful investment!


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