Stained-glass in modern interior

Stained-glass in modern interior

Stained-glass windows in modern interior occupy a place of honor. This expensive piece of colored glass gives any room a brightness and individuality. In modern interiors, we often see original stained glass windows, used to fill window or doorways with through lighting, stained-glass windows for furniture decor, lamps, vases and other trinkets. In the interior of the apartment or house, the stained-glass windows will always be relevant, expressive and effective.

Stained glass in the interior Stained glass is a decorative element, created from a glass of different colors or textures, and the pattern is a single composition. Despite the fact that, stained glass windows look like a modern solution in the interior, this technique has a long history. It is known for certain that the stained-glass windows were used as early as the 1st century AD by the Romans as an exquisite and expensive decoration of window openings.

Of course, the technique of execution was so expensive that it was possible to find stained-glass windows only in houses of very rich people, in palaces, cathedrals. The stained-glass windows were especially popular in the Middle Ages, they fit perfectly into the palace interior and the Gothic style.

Today, the stained-glass windows are widely used in interiors of city apartments, country houses, swimming pools, restaurants. Today we distinguish between a wide variety of types and techniques of stained glass, the most famous are:

• Stained glass with Tiffany technology Stained glass with Tiffany technology is the most traditional and, it should be said, the most expensive type of stained glass since it is completely manual and takes a lot of time to make.

  • Classical stained glass technique means that hand-made pieces of colored glass are used to make stained glass, sealed and sealed with copper wire. The most frequently used are plant and geometric motifs.

This kind of stained glass fits perfectly into the interiors in the Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau style, are also applicable often in the Art Deco style. Since this stained glass technique is very expensive, in modern houses it is rarely possible to meet large windows and interior partitions made in this technique, most often such a stained-glass window is used to decorate the plafonds of lamps, small decorative elements that are the highlight of the interior.

Stained glass is a highlight of the interior, too many stained glasses in the room risk making the interior overloaded and tasteless. And still painted stained glass does not like high humidity, so this method is not used for window panes, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen area.

Stained glass is able to change any interior in a winning way, adding colors, airiness, lightness, and mystery to it. Particularly good stained-glass windows are suitable for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, with the help of stained glass you can achieve a soft light and place accents.

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