Scandinavian Style in the Interior: Peculiarities

Scandinavian Style in the Interior: Peculiarities

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment every year is becoming more popular. It is a typical home style of the Scandinavian people. The cold north has influenced their life so much that it has reflected in everything surrounding them.

Originality, the natural play of light makes the Scandinavian style so attractive not only for the Nordic countries. To arrange a home in this direction, it is important to understand its basic requirements.

Requirements for color and materials

All the colors that are used in the interior of the premises in Scandinavian style, above all, are natural and contain a maximum of light. Most often, pure white is used as a basis, pastel colors are also used: beige, light gray, light brown, pale yellow.

Nuances of interior decoration

It’s great if the floor will have the property of light reflection, which will help make a small dark room lighter and visually larger, it is often done creating a Scandinavian style in the interior of small apartments. Many people resort to the help of a retro-reflective paint, which is applied to the floorboards. It is preferable to use a laminate, cork or floorboards, visually aged under a tree, sometimes seemingly rough in appearance, but giving the room an original appearance.

Furniture selection and lighting

Furniture in the interior of an apartment in Scandinavian style should be comfortable, functional and practical. Folding sofas, tables, chairs, shelves, bookshelves, the presence of additional drawers for storing small things – all this helps to live fully, meet guests, but it saves space and unloads the room from unnecessary things.

Natural motifs in the form of oak, beech, pine for making furniture, as well as leather and suede leather upholstery are perfect for this style. Elements of furniture should be comfortable, easy to perform, and also easy to care for.

Elements of decor and accessories

Selecting accessories for the interior of the apartment in the Scandinavian style, pay attention to handmade crafts – wicker baskets for toys and small items, wooden boxes, self-made mats, wooden chests, old suitcases, thin frames for photos.

There is one trick, it consists in using a large number of vases, jugs, tables with transparent glass surfaces, in addition to the fact that such elements carry airiness and lightness, they also refract the sun’s rays, filling the room with additional light.

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