The Design of Small Garden – 10 Best Ideas

The Design of Small Garden – 10 Best Ideas

If the garden is not more than an acre, it won’t be enough for a lot of trees and there won’t be a lot of space for a flower garden or kitchen garden. We would like to share some ideas about the design of mini gardens near the townhouse.

The basis of the landscape is the lawn

For small gardens, it’s better to select fast growing breeds of lawn grass, resistant to poaching damage. It’s necessary to plan a well-developed network of paths to be able to get to the most remote corners of the garden.

The garden of vegetable herbs

Rosemary, mint, lavender, thyme, sweet basil – some square meters will be enough for them. Vegetable herbs love the sun, so you need to find a comfortable place for them. Make up a high garden bed by pouring some soil into the wooden frame for plants which you want to grow in the open ground or just concentrate the pots and containers with herbs in one spot. Dark green sage, curled leaf parsley, purple leaves of sweet basil would look pretty good in one composition.

Family Tree

Even in some small garden, it is possible to find a place for a big tree. Either it is a charismatic maple or languishing willow, it’s up to you to decide. It may become the heart of the garden and even identify its style.

Everlasting Magnificence

By planting some coniferous trees in a small garden, you may create a spectacular composition and at the same time win some space: ephedra has ludicrous crowns that’s why it will be enough to grow several small trees or bushes to create a wonderful landscape and zone space.

Decorative Vegetable Garden

If you possess a small garden, it will be still possible to have a nice decorative vegetable garden. It’s not necessary to use some special breeds like decorative pumpkins, squashes, sweet pepper etc. Leaves of ordinary carrot or cabbage, colorful tomatoes, Chinese onion, and fennel look really elegant.

Pot Garden on Veranda

If you have a veranda, you can also decorate it with a pergola or grating with climbing plants – vertical gardening may do the garden more mysterious. Also, it is possible to make a flower border. However, the easiest way will be to put a cache-pot with plants overwintering in the house.

Blooming bushes

As a solo plant, you may select a hydrangea or some sweet-scented bushes like jasmine, lilac or butterfly-bush – bright and compact they will add a needed accent to the garden.


If you like collecting, you may create a thematic collection of various plants represented in one or two examples. You may select either roses or hygrophilous plants from various parts of the world.

Trees or bushes with bright bark

flower garden – Beautiful Garden Desktop Wallpaper WallpaperSafari

It would be great if the decorativeness of the garden won’t be limited by the vegetative season only. Once the last leaves fall, the garden may seem bare and uncomfortable, but if you select the trees or bushes with bright bark – you’ll have something to admire till the very spring.

Seasonal Flowers in Cache-pots

You may plant various seasonal flowers in the pots, place them near the entrance to the house, gates or along the paths. After they fade away, you can easily replace them with other seasonal flowers in the pots. These may be tulips, narcissuses, hyacinths etc.

Hopefully, you will find some of the methods applicable to your garden.

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