Paintings in the Interior Design

Paintings in the Interior Design

Since the ancient times, a person has been trying to decorate his house, to make it cozy and harmonious. For example, the ancient Greeks decorated the walls with drawings and bright rugs, the Romans painted the walls of houses and decorated them with mosaics.

In the interior of the modern house paintings perform many functions:

  • create a special atmosphere and comfort;
  • form the emotional background of the room and fill it with positive energy;
  • are an effective element of the design decision;
  • make it possible to manipulate space;
  • help combine and complete the design of the room;
  • emphasize and reinforce the chosen style;
  • bring an element of luxury into the interior.

The Choice of Style and Colors

Considering a certain influence on the subconscious of a person, when choosing a work of art it is necessary to take into account the plot, writing style, color scale, and size. And remember that the picture is the final touch in the design decision. The choice of style affects the worldview, character, and habits of the owner.

A beautiful work of art posted in the hall or another room will allow you to reveal your individuality, harmoniously and appropriately fit this or that element into your home interior. The unique interior of the hall will help create a spectacular combination of several styles.

Which Color?

When choosing works of art it is necessary to remember about the effect of color on the psychological and emotional state of a person.

  1. Warm colors add a feeling of comfort. Cold colors make the room visually roomier.
  2. The red color is suitable for a living room, a kitchen and a hallway. It activates the energy potential of a person, slightly excites.
  3. All shades of light blue are suitable for bedroom decoration. They soothe and reduce emotional stress.
  4. For the design of a child’s room, all shades of yellow or orange are well suited. They allow you to neutralize the negative, fill the room with positive energy.
  5. Green is good for use in a room that is heavily lit by the sun.

Select the Picture’s Size Properly

The size of the picture on the wall should be linked to the area of ​​the room, as well as the length, width, and height of the furniture (a sofa, a bed, a dresser, and a table) above which it will be located. Large vertical canvases are not recommended to hang in rooms with low ceilings.

Remember that for the full perception of a large image, you must be at least a meter away from it. This should be taken into account when purchasing a painting for a small apartment. In this case, the objects of painting should be medium or better – small.

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