How to Buy a Property in Sweden?

How to Buy a Property in Sweden?

Foreign citizens are free to purchase real estate in Sweden – both for individuals and legal entities. The only restrictions are applied to agricultural land and conservation areas.

Since May 1, 2009, a new real estate law has entered into force in Sweden, allowing for the personal ownership of apartments. Previously, only owners of private cottages could fully dispose of their housing.

Where to Begin with?

Before you begin the process of buying property in Sweden, you should familiarize yourself with the offers on the market. Information about the objects can be obtained from the Internet, specialized publications or on thematic exhibitions. To assist in carrying out the transaction, you can apply directly to companies located in Sweden.

Some companies offer a tour for the purpose of inspection by a potential buyer of real estate. It includes not only real estate services (site visits, consultations, and etc.), but also assistance with accommodation at the hotel and even, for example, with organizing an inspection of local attractions.

Signing the Preliminary Contract

As soon as the object is selected, the buyer signs a contract in which are necessarily fixed:

  • names of the parties to the contract;
  • a name and description of the property;
  • a price;
  • terms of transfer of the real estate.

At the same time with the signing of the contract, the buyer transfers to the seller 10% of the transaction amount. In case of a refusal to purchase for a disrespectful reason, the money remains with the seller, so it is useful to specify the conditions for its termination in the contract. All documents are drawn up in writing in the presence and for the signatures of two witnesses confirming, if necessary, the good faith of the sides.

For help in carrying out the transaction, you can contact the services of a broker who must be registered with the organization of housing brokers in Sweden – Fastighetsmaklarnamnden.

Final Calculation and State Registration Transactions

With satisfactory examination results, the buyer makes the final payment to the seller, paying the remaining amount. The right to own the real estate arises at the time of the transaction. However, it is still necessary to issue ownership of the property. To register your rights, you must receive a lagfart – a certificate of transfer of ownership within three months from the date of signing the final contract.

To do this, you should submit an application, attaching the original and a copy of the contract, to the registering authority of the National Land Cadastre (the original is returned to the applicant). For the certificate is charged a fee equal to 1.5% of the tax value of the house as well as an administrative fee of € 80.

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