Old Things in the Interior of the House. For the most Thrifty and Creative!

Old Things in the Interior of the House. For the most Thrifty and Creative!

Do not hurry to throw away broken tennis rackets, old chairs, and other household stuff. It turns out that with the help of this “garbage” you may create an awesome decor for your house. 

Unusual shelves made of old chairs

Think twice before you get rid of old chairs! A little imagination and the chairs will turn into an indispensable and stylish piece of furniture. Cut the chairs in half and fix them on the wall. Now the seat can be used as a storage shelf, and the back and legs – as hooks for clothes and bags.

Original curtain-rod

Using things for other purposes breaks stereotypes and transforms the interior. This solution for the owners who do not afraid of the experiments. So with a creative hand, a paddle can turn into a cornice for curtains. If you fix it a few oars on the wall, you will get an original headboard.

A functional piece of art  from an old bicycle

Your bike doesn’t ride anymore? Give it a second chance and it will easily turn into an original nightstand, clothes hooks or a stylish wall clock. Replace the saddle on the shelf to solid wood, install it on the sink, connect the siphon and now it would be a real art object.

Create multifunctional hooks from bicycle handlebar and a seat. If the bike has only one wheel insert a clockwork, and it would be not an old wheel, but a modern wall clock.

New life for grandmother’s old tableware

Do you want to throw an old tableware?

Before doing it, transform it into a creative table lamp decor or lampshades for chandeliers. Build a tower of teapots and plates and attach them to the lampshade as a stem. Replace the lampshades of a boring chandelier with cups, mugs, and bowls, and the interior will be much more interesting.

Beautiful mirrors from old rackets

Are your tennis rackets broken?  Never mind. It is enough to replace the grid with a mirror of the appropriate size, and the old racket will be the main and unique decoration of your house.

You may also use old suitcase or skateboard as a shelf. Paint an old kitchen grater in a bright color and use it for storing jewelry. Install an ancient and create your own photo gallery in the hallway.