New apartments or old apartments: investment worth

New apartments or old apartments: investment worth

What is the answer when its go to buy apartments? Old is cheaper, but the new is less hustle. To simplify this process for you, we will consider the most important aspects it is needed to think about that, deciding on a b. The common state you can design a new apartment on the want, choosing to please to you building materials: tile for a bathroom, floor coverage, paint for walls, (kitchen) furniture. But in this case to the cost of sale charges included, in fact, you will need to inlay time, money not only in an

order to think over new design but also because first it to change/to get rid of the old elements of the interior. For example, replacement of sex when already live in an apartment is an extremely uncomfortable procedure. But if a new interior is not the main priority, then old apartment more comfortable.
Investment risks when buying a new apartment.
At the sale of new apartment check information about the developer, whether did not arise up with problems. In addition, it is necessary to find out when a warranty period closes on a house, at the exposure of what shortages the developer will correct, and the removal of what defects will become a responsibility of the owner. Acquiring an apartment in a place, where a dwelling district is only mortgaged, it is needed to know, who will undertake charges on the building of infrastructure. It is important in
case of an old apartment, that a former proprietor recovered the debts and gave complete information about force lodgers or about the persons prescribed in her. Also, it is not bad to find out a history of an apartment house (associations) and know about plans for the future.
Building quality
On new building, certainly, the process of building guarantee spreads. However, it is necessary to specify her duration and terms.
Probably, in old houses, the defects of building or planning came to light already. Find out whether somebody engaged in the decision of these problems, whether there is a repair fund for coverage of unexpected charges on the removal of the most serious building problems. In case of old houses, it is needed necessarily to check windows and external doors – as they are
opened. Due to energy-saving building technologies in new houses monthly charges on utility bills frequently below. In addition, a new house will not in the near time need repair, from what the repair charges of association remain small
Parking and additional apartments
Buying an apartment in a new house will find out necessarily, which terms of parking are, whether it is needed to pay a parking place separately. In general case for a pantry or basement will be to pay separately. Questions related to parking, in case of old houses as a rule decided, so that it is known whether necessary to abandon a machine on a municipal street or in a zone that is managed the association.
The presence of place in the basement in general case is also included in the cost of an apartment. Electricity and water
Cost of apartment
At a choice on behalf of an old or new apartment, an often decisive role is played by price. As a rule, a new building is more expensive, but in a great deal, a price depends on location. Prices on old apartments in the center of the city are comparable with prices on new, located on outskirts. However, if to compare the cost of an old and new apartment in some certain district; then, certainly, the costs of a new building will be higher. It is important to understand that not always a price on
new accommodation reflects the quality of house/of an apartment, she can, in a number other, to contain charges on the development of infrastructure, that on the whole is an expensive enterprise. It is needed also to expect a general expense on an apartment. The cost of a new apartment can be higher although, a residence can appear cheaper in her. Lay down monthly payments on a credit and current outlays, and on the basis of the got sum will find out, what design is yours!
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