Magic touch

Magic touch

 Perfectly change the interior of the house – this is the main task of the color palette of colors. For example, the contrasting color of the right edge of space not only creates the mood of the room but also gives it some personality. The key is how perfect the color for the chosen image is and how well it blends in with its other elements. Instead of choosing the familiar and safe in terms of perception of space, why not spend a little time to explore new opportunities and choose original color combinations.

But first of all, we need to consider the picture of our financial budget. After a certain figure settles in the mind, it is necessary to clarify some other things. In particular, what is the ultimate effect of dreams: will this desire bring a note of eccentricity into the overall picture, or will nevertheless focus on the traditional conservatism of the perception of colors. Once a certain decision is made, you can proceed to the next step.

 Namely, to study some bases of colors and their colors. In the modern market, there are so many brands and types of paints that it is possible to choose a brand that corresponds to the available budget. In this case, you should also give preference to the type of finish: matte, satin, glossy, semigloss, 
Completing the color scheme is the most important step that will determine the entire look of the decor. This should be done very carefully.
Completing the color scheme

Before you stop on some specific color scheme, you need to think about the following:

    • Interrelation of the room with the rest of the house;
    • Already existing color schemes in the house;
    • Existing furniture and furniture to be installed in the room;
    • Draperies, carpets, etc., existing and those that are planned to be included in the interior.

And, in addition, you need to determine the area of the room.

Choosing a color scheme, it does not hurt to check how this or that paint will look in different lighting, because what is attractive in the daytime can look dull or even unpleasant when the sun sets.  It is better to allocate a small section of the room and paint it in the chosen color. It is important to mention here that when drying, the paint becomes darker on two colors, so you also need to check how the paint will look after drying.

Another important aspect of the color solution of the room space is the combination of it with the color schemes of other rooms. In order to verify this, it is enough to look at the open door from different points, which space is visible from the adjacent room. It is necessary to have at least two common colors in the color schemes of adjacent rooms.

The choice among the different color schemes will be made easier if you use a color wheel. In this case, you can apply a monochrome color scheme for the entire room or create a contrast color combination. At the same time, additional colors on the color wheel next to each other, for example, yellow and purplecreate a dramatic and bold effect, but it is better for a private bedroom than for an office interior.
Typically, in interior color schemes, no more than three colors are used, located side by side on the color wheel, or in a combination of cold and warm colors, such as blue and green.

Triple color schemes use three shades arranged in series or at equal distances from each other. Ideally, in the design of the space the proportion is used:
    • The dominant color is 60%;
    • Auxiliary color 30%;
    • Contrast color 10%.

This allows you to balance the sensations and causes interest in penetration into space.

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