The Real Estate Market In The Coastal Areas Of Spain 2019

The Real Estate Market In The Coastal Areas Of Spain 2019

Spain has 320 sunny days a year, a mild climate, more than 500 clean, and safe Blue Flag beaches, as well as the opportunity to obtain a residence permit when purchasing a home. It has everything for a comfortable living: well-developed infrastructure, hospitality, a favorable business environment, and quality medicine. The price statistics below will allow you to navigate the real estate market in the coastal areas of Spain and choose the most attractive option for you to buy a property.

Prices Dynamics of 2019

The statisticians noted the largest jump in prices on the Costa del Sol: by 9,9%. It is followed by the coastal municipalities of the Balearic Islands with prices rising by 9,3% and those located on the coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where they grew by 6,3%.

The list continues with real estate on the Costa del Maresme (Barcelona) – an increase in prices for the year by 4,6%, Costa Calida (Murcia) and Costa de Valencia (by 4,1% in both cases).

With growth below 4%: Costa Blanca Alicante (3,7%), Costa de Las Palmas (3,6%), Rias Baixas (3,2%), and Costa de Almeria (3,1%).

The Cantabrian coast, on the other hand, is still seeing an annual drop in prices. The largest decline is observed in Marigny-Lutsensa (-6,5%), followed by the Costa da Morte-Coruña (-1,1%), the Biscay coast (-0,7%), and the Asturian green coast (-0,6%). In all other coastal areas of Spain, prices have risen.

The Most Expensive Coastal Areas

The Balearic coast remains the area with the highest prices: the average real estate price here reaches  3,144 €/m2.

It is followed by the coast of Gipuzkoa – 2,972 €/m2, Maresme – 2,368 €/m2, and Costa Brava – 2,250 €/m2.

The above two thousand euros are houses and apartments on the Biscay coast – 2,204 €/m2 and on the Costa del Sol – 2,030 €/m2.

The Cheapest Housing on the Sea

La Mariña Lucense is the coastal zone with the lowest prices in Spain, as the owners ask for only 949 €/m2.

Costa da Morte is very close to them in terms of pricing: 957 €/m2.

Property on the Costa del Azar Castellonense, in turn, costs 1,044 €/m2, on the Costa de Valencia – 1,118 €/m2, and on the Costa Calida – 1,144 €/m2.

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