Is Chalet in Switzerland a Good Buy?

Is Chalet in Switzerland a Good Buy?

High-mountainous Swiss Alps, untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes, and fresh mountain air will conquer you once and for all. Without mentioning stunning chalets! The intention of this article is to find out if the purchasing of a chalet is the good buy. Let’s figure it out!

First of all, we can assure you that buying the real estate in Switzerland is not a cheap pleasure. For many decades, the Swiss Alps have earned their fame as a perfect place to ski. The mountain villages of Davos, Andermatt, Zermatt, Verbier, and St. Moritz have become synonymous with elite holidays.

Not surprisingly, the prices for local real estate also gradually began to match this trend. Among the lovers of calm and moderate winter rest, the region of the Bernese Highlands (Berner Oberland) is in great demand. In the popular ski resort of Gstaad you can find houses for every taste, but not at any price.


For example, a three-story luxury chalet with a total area of ​​1’200 square meters (living area – 760 square meters) costs almost 17.852.100! In general, the average price of 1 square meter of such real estate objects (it is not the popular ski resorts of Gstaad, Davos or St. Moritz) is about 5100.

Renting of Chalets

Even if you buy a chalet in Switzerland for yourself, you in any case at least once thought about the possible income from renting it. All kinds of agencies of Swiss real estate usually do not stint on describing the colorful prospects of financial returns from real estate.

But very often taxes (both on the chalet in Switzerland and on rental income), expenses for maintaining the property in proper condition, as well as payments for utilities and services of the real estate servicing chalet not only undermine rental income but also and plunge the entire business scheme into a negative area.


That’s why the best advice for chalet buyers in Switzerland sounds like this: when purchasing an elite property, do not expect much and, especially, the significant income. Currently, real estate in Switzerland, with the exception of some cases, is only a means to save money, but not to multiply them.

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