Living in China: Pros and Cons

Living in China: Pros and Cons

Citizens of many countries are thinking about how to equip their lives in China. This is due to the fact that employment and doing business there seem quite promising, prices are attractive, and the standard of living is high. We will briefly consider the pros and cons of living in China in this article. Let’s get started!


·         China’s government currently promotes healthy lifestyles, quitting smoking, revising culinary traditions, providing rural areas with access to health and medical services, improving the quality of water, air and soil.

·         Clothing in China is cheap, and when planning the budget, few people take into account its cost.

·         Due to the fact that the competition in higher education institutions is too high, China needs qualified specialists with the higher education. For citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, there are always vacancies in the field of industry, space, chemical, and information technologies, as well as in education.

·         A student who has received a diploma in China will be in demand by the employers of Asia and Europe and will be able to qualify for a highly paid job in China itself.

·         The products in China as a whole are cheaper than in the CIS countries, but the dairy and coffee cost a lot.

·         For successful foreign students, the government of China provides stipends, so that education can be obtained almost free of charge.


·         The Internet in China is an expensive pleasure, even a slow connection (256 kbit/s) costs more than 70 yuan (9) per month.

·         A significant part of the family budget “eats” the education of the child and the maintenance of elderly members of the family.

·         Public transport (metro, bus) to residents of large cities can cost up to 42,5 per day, depending on the distance. In small cities, the cost is reduced to a couple of dollars.

·         The foreigner can’t buy housing intended for needy Chinese. A person can’t purchase more than one apartment and use it for commercial purposes, and to complete sales transactions you need to live in the country for a year.

·         For employment in China, you need to issue a work visa, which requires an invitation from the Chinese employer.

We hope we’ve helped you understand what the life realities in China are nowadays.

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