Interior Design Trends in 2019

Interior Design Trends in 2019

At the beginning of autumn, a large-scale exhibition of design, decor, and furniture was held in Finland. Based on its exhibits, we selected the most interesting trends in interior design for 2019.

Modern Elegance of Details

In 2019, trends in interior design promise smooth lines and minimalism along with eye-catching details and art deco-style objects. Accents can create interesting lighting or even gymnastic rings hanging from the ceiling. Pastel shades and bold color combinations are again popular.

Classic Elegance

Nature came to our homes to stay in them for a long time. Flowers everywhere: in a vase on the table, in the form of bold patterns on the couch, curtains, and even walls. Welcome to the game with proportions, high-quality natural materials in different combinations: leather and wood, rattan and stone. Design trends suggest the return of furniture and the interior of a classic house from the 90s: rattan chairs, dry flower arrangements, and marble tables. Also, pay attention to the warm colors of wood and furniture upholstered in genuine leather.

Scandinavian Harmony

The Scandinavian house is known for its minimalism, simple elegance, and qualitative natural materials. Interesting solutions and unexpected combinations give the familiar style a new look. What do you think about a red lamp, a stone coffee table or an ottoman in the form of an Amanita in the children’s room?

Interior Solutions for the Brave

The atmosphere of the loft, industrial style, or black metal – a fashion house has sometimes a brutal character. The cold metal’s best friend is a warm tree that softens the overall impression of industrial severity. Actual mirror surfaces, bold combinations of decorative objects, and glass objects. Green plants set the mood even in a loft. Pots on the windowsill are a too simple solution for a modern interior. Use hanging glass vessels or wicker baskets as flower pots.

New House Style is your Choice

How many people, so many tastes. A new home is a clean slate, and you are an artist. You can decorate your apartment on your own, or you can rely on the modern tendencies in the interior design. The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable and cozy in the house of yours.

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