7 Simple Rules of a Successful Realtor for a Productive Working Day

7 Simple Rules of a Successful Realtor for a Productive Working Day

A modern realtor actively uses in their work all the achievements of the high technology – a powerful camera in the phone for shooting objects and displaying photos on Instagram. Аnd full set of programs on a laptop that has long become a real portable office of a real estate professional.

Promotion on the Internet has become a powerful tool. It allows to customize the constant influx of new customers without sticking ads on poles and stops. However, the convenience of the Internet hides a huge amount of distractions that prevent from focusing on the main points.

How to deal with this problem? Follow these simple rules and you will be surprised at how much your daily productivity has increased.

1. Unsubscribe from the “Extra Newsletters”
Unsubscribe from mailings that are not of special importance to you. The fewer emails fall into the inbox, the less effort you will have to filter mail and the less you will be distracted.

2. Disable all Notifications
Tooltips from calendars, planners, mail, social networks, and chat rooms only distract you from the business. Work at least a couple of hours in digital silence, and then respond to comments and likes.

3. Take Breaks in Work
Break the working day into small segments. The optimal working time is 40-50 minutes. Between these intervals, take a pause of 10-15 minutes: move, read, sleep, drink water, or look out the window.

  1. Arrange “Reboot”
    If the work does not move, walk away from your workplace behind the laptop. Get out for a walk, breathe, have a snack, meditate, just listen to the music, and see the city. Return to work only with a fresh head.5. Turn off the TV
    Give up television or set a sleep timer for your TV so that it turns off an hour after watching. There are dozens of interesting and useful activities that you refuse simply by staring at a set of promotional and informational pictures on the big screen.

    6. Review your Diet
    Jot down what you ate during the day and how you felt afterwards. Products may affect your performance. Identify those foods from which you become lethargic, sleepy or apathetic, and avoid their consumption.

    7. Catch the Peak Moment!
    Do the main work when you are at the peak of opportunities and inspiration. For the period of peak activity, turn off the phones, do not respond to letters and messages, cancel meetings, and negotiations and just work.

The rules will help you to feel a significant increase in productivity in just a few working days in this mode.

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