Drones in Construction: Expanding the Horizons of Using UAVs

Drones in Construction: Expanding the Horizons of Using UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are rapidly rushing into various spheres of our life. Initially, they spread in the army. Currently, drones are used in various fields of activity, including construction. According to the research, leadership in the use of UAVs among companies with a capital of more than € 43,950,000 belongs, namely, to representatives of the construction industry.

Mainly drones in the construction are used for:

Marketing and visualization of projects

Thanks to the capabilities of the UAV, you can make virtual presentations of construction projects, linking in real time the development area and the projected object. These panoramic video images remotely show the full size of the planned project before construction begins, so that the buyer can feel the real picture of the finished solution. These opportunities can influence the positive decision of the buyer when selling finished construction objects. Customers are willing to overpay for such a “nice view”.

Monitoring the construction process

The use of drones allows for remote online monitoring of construction progress. The project manager, while being in the head office, can monitor the work, and the state of the object under construction.

Substitution of construction workers

Modern medium-sized drones have the ability to “take on board” a useful weight – up to 10-25 kg. They can quickly deliver material or tools to the upper floors of buildings, saving enterprise resources. The possibility of programming a drone action algorithm in the near future may allow to carry out technological work, for example, the construction of a wall. And such tests are already being conducted.

Monitoring the state of construction sites and repairs

Buildings require periodic monitoring of the condition both outside and inside. With the help of drones, you can conduct a survey of building structures in high details.

Safety in construction

The use of drones is in demand when working on high-rise and hard-to-reach objects, where, apart from the complexity of the works themselves, there is a serious problem of injuries from a fall from a height. According to the Ministry of Labor in January-October 2015, with 920 industrial accidents registered with 1,180 dead, a third was accounted for by a fall from a height. Most falls occurred in the construction industry. Serious danger to people represent repairs in contaminated areas. Using a UAV will save the health and lives of thousands of people.

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