How Much Does It Cost To Live In Singapore?

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Singapore?

Singapore is characterized by high business activity and is attractive to entrepreneurs from around the world. Accordingly, such a presence of huge business opportunities also affects the cost of everyday life in the “business capitals”. But, it is worth saying that the prices of essential goods, for example, food, clothing, utilities, basic education or public transport, are quite affordable here. Moreover, they correspond to the quality of a product or service.

Food in Singapore is relatively inexpensive. As elsewhere, these costs largely depend on your preferences and lifestyle. Food prices, of course, vary greatly depending on the type of establishment. Eating cheap in Singapore is available at food courts or cafes. Here, the average cost of dishes is €5,5-11, water – €1,8, juices – €2,7-3,5, and beer – €7-9. As for cafes and restaurants, the average bill per person in cafes and mid-level restaurants is €23-32, but alcoholic drink lovers will have to fork out – alcohol in Singapore is expensive.

To travel by public transport in Singapore (buses, metro), you should purchase an EZ-Link electronic smart card, its cost is €11, where €6 goes to the card balance, and €4,5 is a non-refundable deposit. The cheapest and fastest way to travel around Singapore is the subway. The system of high-speed trains here consists of four lines, there are metro stations in all areas of the city. The cost of one trip (if the distance is not more than 3 stations) will be about €0,9.

Medical services
The prices for a consultation mainly depend on two factors: the qualifications of the doctor and the duration of the consultation. For example, an ordinary general practitioner can take about €27 for a consultation, and a well-known specialist with many years of experience – €136-227. Consultations usually last from 15 to 30 minutes. The minimum medical insurance that will cover hospitalization and surgical treatment will cost about €227 per year per person.

Hiring domestic workers
In Singapore, it is customary to hire an assistant for housework. In almost every family where there are elderly or children, there is such a helper You can invite an assistant only for 3-4 hours once a week for cleaning and ironing clothes – this will cost about €45 per visit. But, in families where there are children, most often they hire a helper on an ongoing basis. Assistant services cost approximately €1000-1270 per month.

The tax rate on personal income varies from 0% to 20% depending on the amount of income. At the same time, the territorial taxation system operates here, that is, only that income that was received in Singapore is taxed.

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