Grand sales of banking property in Spain

Grand sales of banking property in Spain

Every year, banks and large real estate companies use the time of discounts to run advertising campaigns. This year the discount campaign will be valid until the end of 2019. In addition to residential premises, customers are offered garages, pantries, and industrial premises. The first to open a series of sales were Liberbank and Haya Real Estate. Their joint campaign will last until the end of the year and will provide discounts of up to 70% on 2,225 properties. The list includes houses, garages, storage facilities, and industrial areas. The share of apartments is 43%.

What else is included in the offer?

In addition to lower prices, the offer includes special conditions for the purchase of these objects. For example, the possibility of 100% bank financing of home purchases in addition to taxes and expenses associated with the acquisition (appraisal, registration and notarial expenses), as well as an additional €5,000 for the purchase of furniture. In addition, Liberbank offers financing aid with a fixed interest rate of 1% per annum throughout the mortgage term.

Real estate, offered as a part of the action, is scattered throughout the country and is located both in provincial capitals and in small cities. However, most are located in Castile-La Mancha (1,575), Cantabria (over 120), and Extremadura (over 110).

Other tempting offers

By the way, in October 2019, another grand sale of banking real estate started in Spain. The Spanish financial institutions Bankia and Haya Real Estate put up for sale over 3,000 properties with discounts of up to 40%. In total, they offer about 1600 houses and apartments, as well as over 1400 commercial premises (including offices and warehouses). One can purchase both urban and resort housing, as well as commercial property.

Most homes and apartments are concentrated in Catalonia (455). Across Valencia, more than 350 assets participate in the stock, more than 320 objects do in Andalusia, and 240 – in Murcia. The banks’ offer, called Listillas Homes, will keep current discounts until November 30, 2019.

Where is the housing situated?

  • In Catalonia: the provinces of Tarragona and Lleida. They are followed by the number of objects in Barcelona and Girona;
  • In the Valencia community: mainly the province of Valencia, behind it, Castellon and Alicante real estate properties stand;
  • In Andalusia: the provinces of Granada and Almeria. They are followed by Seville and Malaga.

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