From the point of view

From the point of view

How To Take Photos Of Apartments For Rent?

It will always depend on the quality of the images! Our statistics confirm: professionally photographed housing takes about 4-5 days, and if the photo is amateur, it takes an average of three weeks to wait. How can I photograph to emphasize all the charms and not spoil the impression?

Ideally, invite an interior photographer. No desire or possibility to hire a professional? Our post will help you to manage on your own. Pay attention to the following points:

Nothing extra
Looking at the pictures, the tenant should easily imagine himself the master of this space. This is a very important psychological moment, which for some reason, few people think. Before shooting, be sure to remove from the frame personal belongings: magnets from the refrigerator, cat’s tray, bags with things of previous tenants, photographs and posters from the walls.


Call the cleaning service and clean up. Washed windows, washed curtains and brushed plumbing – plus one hundred to the predictability of the room. Be sure to get rid of all traces of the stay of animals and children in the apartment. Equipment Try to get a good camera with a wide-angle lens (by the way, an iPhone has this) and a tripod to install it at an equal distance from the floor and ceiling. If there is no tripod, sit on the chair backward, put your elbows on the back and take off.


Take pictures under soft diffused light: on a cloudy day or at sunset. When the light is very bright, the pictures are too contrasting. Do you really like how the apartment looks like a fine day? Make one atmospheric photo with the sunlight falling from behind the curtains, but let it be a bonus, not the only picture of the room. And do not shoot against the light, otherwise, you will get a bright spot in the place of the window and an ominous darkness around.

Angles Be sure to think over the composition: the most important thing is to get into the frame. Is there a large window in the bedroom? Select the angle at which it will be visible. But a photo of a lonely empty corner and a close-up of an air conditioner on the wall will surely be superfluous. Take care of the aesthetics: lay the bed, close the lid of the toilet, remove the wet towels from the dryers. Try not to fill the horizon: the walls have vertical, and the floor and ceiling – horizontal. Do not remove the room from above or below. Visual distortions of space are usually disorienting and cause psychological discomfort. Do you have a solid hand and a smartphone with panoramic shooting function? Take a panoramic picture of the room, but only in addition to the already existing conventional.

Immediately result

This is a very important point. Do not rely on post-processing: if the frame does not work, remove it again. And further. And yet, until it does not work out! Forget the filters of Instagram, do not get carried away with retouching. Slightly increase the sharpness and add saturation to the colors you can. The key word is a little! And in any case, do not finish the missing parquet bar in Photoshop, it’s simply not fair.


Do not try to hide defects: let it be seen right away. Save time – your and potential tenant.

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