Ask the architect

Ask the architect

When working with an architect to create a new home, you will have many requests, given that you are the one who will eventually live in the house. But even if your satisfaction is the first priority of your architect, there may still be times when your architect will say no to you. Years of education and experience mean that your architect knows what is possible and what is impossible; If your architect says that something cannot be done, there probably is a good reason for this.

You go beyond the specified budget
Any good architect will ask your budget at the first meeting. This gives the specialist an idea of how much to “spend” per square meter, which affects the external design and decoration options, product materials, and architectural features. You may want a multi-level ceiling, but if you have already “blown up” your budget with expensive stone siding, do not be surprised if your architect tells you “no.” At the same time, you can decide to change your budget or make compromises.

Cities have strict laws of the Town Planning Code, which limit what can be built within the city. The law often limits square meters, exterior finishes, and functions, such as stairs and handrails. When the house of your dreams does not comply with the code, the hands of your architect are connected. In order to build the house of your dreams, without getting banned, consult your architect for alternative solutions.

You have chosen the wrong building materials
The Internet is great for finding inspiration, but in fact, it is not always clear why a builder or a homeowner made a certain choice of design. In some cases, builders choose materials to protect against a specific climate – materials that may or may not be needed in your area. Choosing the wrong materials based on inspiration interest will not only costly for you but also unstable for your home. Entrust your architect to choose the materials that will serve you where you live.

Going beyond your contract
Many builders have in the house architects who are familiar with what the builder can offer. Understanding your contract means a smoother process, but it also means that your architect knows when you are beyond what your contract offers. Asking for extensive layout changes and design updates without first updating your contract, you may run into the fact that your architect shakes his head negatively. Before meeting with the architect, make sure that you are clear what is not included in your design contract.
Having a better alternative
There is a reason you hired a skilled architect to design your home. Take advantage of experience and education, allowing the architect to offer solutions for your home. Sometimes an architect tells you “no”  because there is a simpler, faster, more economical or more efficient way to build what you want.

While you will definitely have the lion’s share of the contribution to the design of your home, let your architect listen to your wish list and understand your lifestyle. Then take a step back and watch how the architectural magic happens. More often than not, your architect will be able to come up with some surprises that you did not even suspect. Trust him, and in the end, you will get an excellent result.

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