Elite Real Estate Abroad: Where to Look for Premium Housing?

Elite Real Estate Abroad: Where to Look for Premium Housing?

What is the safest way to preserve the funds and increase them? It’s the purchase of real estate, especially the elite one. There are few factors that bring housing in the elite category.

Firstly, it should be located in an area with appropriate infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, clinics, shopping malls within walking distance). Secondly, it must be protected. If the area of the housing is fenced, it is a preferable option. Thirdly, the elite real estate must have autonomous heating, climate control systems, built-in water filters, and a parking place. Fourthly, a total square for each in the residence is 40 m² least. Fifthly, the area’s development density should not get over 8.000 m² per one hectare, and the distance to the nearest industrial zone must be not less than 5 km.

Why Buy Abroad

Of course, you can pay for a hotel room and stay there during your vacation while being abroad. But those who can afford a purchase, buy property without hesitation:

  • when you have real estate abroad, you are free to buy a flight ticket at any time and have a rest without renting a hotel room;
  • in many European countries luxury apartments are pretty affordable;
  • buying abroad is a great investment;
  • cultural integration never stops, and many people choose to study or work abroad;
  • owning property overseas is prestigious.

Where to Buy Property

  •         Italy.

The most popular Italian locations to buy property in are Milan, Tuscany, areas near lakes Garda, Como, Lago Maggiore, Liguria, San Remo, and Rome. The prices start from € 250.000 to € 17.000.000. By 2020 they expect a steady growth in prices.

  •         Spain.

Marbella, Sunny Beach, Puerto Banus, Malaga, Torremolinos, and Benalmadena of Spain are the locations to start the search from. Here people mostly buy cottages and villas. The cost of elite real estate starts from € 1.000.000 to € 10.000.000.

  •         France and Monaco.

The most prestigious regions of French Cote d’Azur are Nice, Cannes, Menton, Cap Ferrat, Juan-les-Pins. Prices start from € 2.000.000 per villa and € 1.500.000 per apartments. Housing in Monte Carlo is expensive. The starting cost is € 5.000.000.

  •         Switzerland.

Here you can buy property for recreation if you don’t have a residence permit. In case you live legally, buy it for non-commercial properties. The average cost per 1 m² is from € 5.500 to € 12.000.

  •         The United Arab Emirates.

Dubai with its penthouses and studios attracts many tourists ready to buy property. Elite apartments here cost from € 300.000, offices – € 500.000, hotel business – € 1.000.000.

These locations are perfect both for tourists and those, who want to invest money.

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