Winter Home Design Trends: Top 10

Winter Home Design Trends: Top 10

Did you know there are design trends that rule winter months? Stylist Ann Broad offers top 10 different trends that will add some vibes into your home and help feel a bit warmer no matter what weather is outside.

  1. Glam metallics

It is more for glamour than comfort. Metallic paint on walls and finest accessories, finishes and thematic furniture with metallic elements (jewel-tone glass, antique bronze as well as marble) turn a regular place into a stylish location.

  1. Luxurious velvet

It is full of cozy carpets and chair cushions in rich tones, velvet blankets, and modern curtains, vintage armchairs all in emerald green and plum, rich red and deep blue that make your near-the-fire time really special. That’s what you need during your nasty winter time – more comfort and fewer worries.

  1. Fringe benefits

Even the most usual elements of décor can be quite easily accessorized! Fringing gives a lift to any interior with plush velvet, rug ads, attractive lampshades, and other decorative elements.

  1. Remix geometrics

It seems that geometry designs are always in favor. This year fabrics may be either modern or vintage from the 1950s-60s. Combine velvet with woven fabrics, Scandi, bold abstract designs with warm colors like orange and red or soft green.

  1. Still trending

It is all about things that are never out of fashion. Don’t refuse from a mid-century design: coffee tables, bright china, sideboards, elegant glasses, colored cups, decorated mirrors, and vintage fabrics. They can make the coldest place warm.

  1. Dramatic duo

That’s what we call white and black. Some people think these colors are cold but they aren’t if you know how to combine them: animal prints, stripes, only one accent color choice will create a warm and dramatic design.

  1. Full texture

It is created due to hand-crafted elements like embroidery, macramé, rugs, knits, etc. Any wooden accessories, clay pots, and simple relief patterns with such elements will turn interior into a masterpiece.

  1. Paint effect

Why not add some rich paint color into your interior? Even a small color change adds to a great change. Warm your place up with red and purple, plum and dark blue. Some cool marble, metallic lamps, and velvet blankets will make winter perfect.

  1. Glass appeal

Glass is not only a way to make cold and dark days a bit lighter but also to decorate the area. Choose among retro options and modern ones, hand-blown lampshades and Scandi elements. Colors may be different, but jewel tones are more preferable this season.

10. Floral favorites

An easy way to forget about grey days is to add some sun by blending flowers and stripes of deep shades. Choose similar tones, large prints, and small patterns to create a perfect place.

Pick any of the options to transform both your home and your attitude to the year’s coldest season.

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