The Most Significant Building Projects of Moscow in 2019

The Most Significant Building Projects of Moscow in 2019

IRN-Consulting represents the most significant projects in the market of new buildings in Moscow from the Third Ring Road to the Moscow Ring Road, sales in which started in 2018. The actual prices for apartments in these projects are from € 1,508 per square meter.


  • the Ramenki District (Michurinsky Avenue, 56)“
  • Capital Group” and “System”
  • January
  • It is planned to build three residential buildings with a total area of ​​apartments of 102,693 sq. m., underground parking for 938 cars, and a kindergarten for 100 places.


  • the Ramenki District (Lobachevsky Street, 120)“
  • Leader Invest”
  • mid-February
  • It is planned to build three residential houses of the variable number of floors (31-39 floors) for 1,473 apartments with a total area of ​​112,211 sq. m. There are 1 393 parking places, a kindergarten for 238 children, a school for 546 students and a retail, and an office center with underground parking.

“Beregovoy. Residential complex on the Moscow River”

  • the Filevsky Park, (Beregovoy passage, 3)
  • “Glavstroy group”
  • February, 17
  • It is planned to construct 105,000 sq. m. of housing, a two-level underground parking for 708 parking spaces, kindergarten for 150 places, and commercial premises.


  • the Southern District in the Moskvorechye-Saburovo, (Kashirsky Proezd, 25)
  • “Pioneer Group”
  • July, 3
  • It is planned to build 11 houses, as well as seven residential quarters – urban blocks – of variable height from 6 to 12 floors, three kindergartens for 610 places, a school for 1,365 students, and three multi-level parking lots.

“Mikhailovsky Park”

  • Ryazan district in the south-east of the capital at the address: 2nd Institutskaya Street, 6
  • The project consists of 6 buildings of variable number of stories of the SEM2 series with a total area of ​​apartments of more than 300,900 sq. m. In the LCD will be two kindergartens, and underground parking.

“Lyublinsky Park”

  • the Lyublino district, (Lyublinskaya St. 72)
  • The project envisages the construction of 10 residential blocks, five kindergartens for 1,375 places, two secondary schools for 3,150 pupils, three parking lots for 7,605 parking spaces.


  • the Butyrsky district, (Skladochnaya Street, 6)
  • It is planned to build 15 buildings with a total area of ​​apartments of more than 133,700 sq. m, the secondary school for 650 students, three kindergartens (90 places each), a clinic, and underground parking for 1,276 parking places.


  • the Ostankino district (Bochkova St.,11a)“Kortros group”September
  • The total project area is about 249,800 sq. m. The complex I LOVE provides for the construction of 5 residential buildings, a school and a kindergarten.


  • the Ryazan district, (Prospect, 26)
  • “Glavstroy group”
  • October, 15
  • The project involves the construction of 653,540 sq. m. of houses and infrastructure, of which 518,000 sq. m. will take housing, 135,540 public spaces (three kindergartens for 750 children, two schools for 1,725 ​​people, a polyclinic for 320 visits per shift, a sports complex with a swimming pool, its own park, five underground, and parking lots.

“Dmitrovsky Park”

  • the Dmitrovsky District (Lobnenskaya St. 13)
  • “PIK group”
  • October, 30
  • The project envisages the construction of five 33-storey towers, four 16-storey multisection houses, a kindergarten for 250 places, and two underground parking lots.

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