Beware of Yesterday’s Novelties in Interior Design!

Beware of Yesterday’s Novelties in Interior Design!

Eco-friendly materials and classic style are unlikely to go out of fashion once but interior elements based on the use of new technical capabilities do not always linger long in fashion. People are beginning to understand that new technologies do not always decorate an apartment. Sometimes the hot fashion yesterday seems tasteless today. In case, you couldn’t afford some novelty yesterday, or there was no place to apply it, but you still may want to realize this idea at home, please, check it out our article first, perhaps today you should not do this.

Do Not Do this!

  1. Did a lot of spotlights on a stretch ceiling around the perimeter of the room once impress you? Did a glossy ceiling or ceiling pattern seem like a creative novelty? Designers do not recommend making such a ceiling today. In a small apartment, such a ceiling visually presses on a person, it seems heavy. Forget better about the dream of “starry sky” in your apartment. Perhaps, you should abandon the creative transformation of the ceiling altogether. Leave it neutral, and the table lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps will make a room bright.
  2. There is a danger that your interior in a beige color will remind a hotel room, and not an apartment. Contrary to expectations, beige color does not make the atmosphere at home more comfortable, and with dark furniture, it seems bleak.
  3. Built-in cabinets with glass and mirror doors quickly went out of fashion. Today, there is an opportunity to make more original facades for furniture, including cabinets. And for storing clothes it is better to make a dressing room, even if it is small.
  4. At the end of the last century, bright colors and chrome in the interior looked in contrast to the old styles and seemed original. Today, the pseudo-hi-tech style (something bright and metallic against the background of furniture of simple geometric shape, made of artificial leather) seems tasteless. Primitive hi-tech is not fashionable, but true clean style requires considerable resources for its implementation.
  5. It cannot be said that Venetian plaster, which has been in the fashion of the century, is out of fashion. However, in small apartments, Venetian plaster seems inappropriate and makes the interior heavier. If you are not a connoisseur of art, beware of such decor, it will seem pompous.

Decide for yourself how often you are ready to make repairs. If often – you can try anything. If not, it is safer to stick to the classics or minimalism, simple unobtrusive design, use, if possible, natural materials, furniture of simple forms and neutral colors, your interior will be cozy and modern with any fashion trends.

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