How much does it Cost to Own a Car in Germany?

How much does it Cost to Own a Car in Germany?

After buying and registering a car in Germany happy car owner thinks the main spending is ended. In fact, owning a car in Germany is not cheap. And the more expensive the car, the more expensive is its operation.

German Car Tax

Owners of cars are required to pay tax on car ownership in Germany. The amount charged depends on the volume engine, type of fuel, and quantity CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Every 100 cm³ of cylinder volume will cost the owner vehicle-consuming gasoline €2 per year.

For diesel engines, the tax is much higher – €9.5 for 100 cm³. If the diesel engine is not equipped with a particulate filter, the tax is even higher: €10,7 for 100 cm³.

The second component of the tax is determined in depending on the weight emitted into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide per 100 kilometers. This value is set by the manufacturer car and recorded in the first part Zulassungsbescheinigung clause v.7. Here, every gram will cost another €2 per year. It would seem to own a car with gasoline engine turns out much cheaper.

But, in fact, it is not. The fact is that the price of diesel fuel in Germany is significantly lower. And the consumption of diesel engines is less. As a result, already from 5,000 kilometers per year gasoline car starts to lose to diesel in the price of operation. And the much mileage is, the more diesel is profitable.

The Cost of Fuel

The liter of the usual 95th (not E10) costs €1.55-1.69. With an average run in 15,000 km per year and an average consumption of 8 liters per 100 km, the cost of gas is approximately €1900. Diesel with the same mileage and less cost per liter (€1.4-1.49), and consumption 6 liters per 100 km would cost about €1,300 per year.

Car Insurance Cost

Another item of expenditure on a car is car insurance. The sum of it depends on many factors. Everything is important: car brand, its weight, engine power, age of the car, age and number of owners, specific conditions of the insurance company and a lot of things still.

Other Expenses

In conclusion, it remains to mention the various services for the car. Starting from constant parking at the house (€15-25 per month), changing rubber, and finishing with technical inspection and inspections depending on mileage. Also besides fuel car consumes automotive oil, non-freezing liquid for wipers, and engine cooling fluid. Besides, there are fines, scratched doors, breakage, and other accidents.

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