Ikat Pillows as a Marvelous Zest in the Interior

Ikat Pillows as a Marvelous Zest in the Interior

The best option to refresh the interior is to add bright colors to it. If you don’t have enough color and exotic in your home, oriental cushions come to the rescue. Ikat is a so-called colorful ornament, which came to us from Central Asia. But how to decorate the interior and not to overdo it? We will answer these questions in our article.

Ikat Fabric History

Ikat production is not an easy thing. From the very beginning, chintz and silk warp threads are taken, after which they are dyed until they become a single canvas. All this is necessary so that the master can see where one color should end and start another. The basic colors in the ornament were:

  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • red

At the end of the XIX century, ikat technology was improved. The drawing was no longer abstract, but concrete. Now on the shelves, you can find a variety of fabrics, in their outlines and style similar to ikat. The palette of shades shines with its variety: gray, white, blue, brown, red, and orange.

Ikat Pillows in the Interior

Decorative oriental pillows can be a decoration for any home. It is best to use them as a bright accent. Moreover, they look great in completely different interior styles:

  • contemporary;
  • ethnic;
  • tropical;
  • Central Asian;
  • eclecticism.

How to Impose Ikat Pillows into the Interior Correctly?

They can be a decoration not only for the living room but also for the bedroom. And how to do it correctly, and what rules need to be followed we’ll tell you below.

  • Because of its expressive bright ornament, oriental-style pillows will look best as an accent in a fairly calm interior (gray, white, or beige). This rule must be observed in order not to overdo it and not to feel like in a circus.
  • Another important condition is that the interior should have not only pillows in the Oriental style but also another decor, for example, a carpet. It is necessary to preserve this rule in order to save the unity of style. Just pick them up to each other without disturbing the harmony of color. Best of all, if they are in the same range.

In addition to using ikat for sewing decorative pillows in the oriental style, it can often be found on curtains and carpets. Remember, the main rule when decorating an interior with ikat is a sense of proportion, the pattern should not be used accurately. The biggest advantage of ikat is its versatility. Despite its long history, it still fits perfectly into the modern interior.

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