Awesome News for the Dogs Owners in Denmark

Awesome News for the Dogs Owners in Denmark

If you are the owner of a dog you know perfectly how difficult it’s to rent an apartment. As a rule, the homeowners either refuse at once or constantly make claims about your pet later.

The Dane Niels Martin Viuff will build apartment houses that can be rented exclusively by dog ​​breeders. The exciting event will take place in the commune of Frederikssund in the north of the island of Zealand. The apartment building with 18 apartments will be called Hundehuset, which means “dog house” in Danish. The Dane entrepreneur has made a decision to start working on such a project after the conversation with the members of the local community.

Most of dogs owners complained about the fact that it’s almost impossible to rent an apartment having a dog. Niels Martin Viuff says that the building is intended to unite the neighbors by common interests.


To bring this innovative and creative idea to life Mr. Viuff consulted with the Danish Kennel Club, the biggest association of dog ​​breeders in Denmark. Together they discussed the original concept and first steps on the road to the better future for dogs owners.

It was the employees of the organization who made suggestions on how to make the apartment more comfortable for animals, including installing a more durable floor that would be easy to clean, gardens, designed taking into account the fact that dogs are not careful with the plants, and organizing a swimming place in the yard.

Still, there will be restrictions. According to the author of the project, he wants to meet future renters and see their dogs before signing a lease agreement. “We would like to see dogs in our tenants whose weight does not exceed 45 kg. Therefore, we do not welcome too large breeds. But if you have a small breed, then you can even rent an apartment with several such pets,” explains the entrepreneur.

Interestingly, the owners of cats can also rent a house. In addition, the creator plans to design a separate house for owners of baleen creatures.

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