Amazon users can mail-order a wonder-house from NOMAD

Amazon users can mail-order a wonder-house from NOMAD

Designers Ian and Joey Alvaro-Kent of NOMAD have developed a very affordable micro house with an area of a little over nine square meters. This lightweight and quick to build compact democratic home includes two floors and a small outdoor terrace and is, now, available on Amazon.

The designers claim that effective design can make a space of this size comfortable. Their goal was to produce an effective, but comfortable home with minimal impact on the space of the yard and the environment. Kent paved the way for the possible emergence of a new wave of housing that effectively combines architecture and furniture, eliminating unnecessary spaces and maximizing room potential.

The rational use of design throughout Nomad Micro Home also allows you to seamlessly combine the individual parts of the living space. In fact, the stairs from the living room to the bedroom are built in such a way that it also serves as kitchen shelves. Another feature of the house is its easy installation. At least one master with an assistant can assemble it in less than a week.

What is inside?

Cost-effective housing, despite its size, can boast a visual sense of space and comfort. The interior space consists of a living room combined with a kitchen, amenities and a bedroom located on the second level, where a non-trivial staircase leads. Built-in storage systems freed up space, and spacious windows, laconic furniture, and a neutral color palette increased it at the level of sensations. Engineers from Vancouver dream their creation being sold at an affordable price that is less than €27,300. Now, it can be ordered on Amazon for €35,300.

Indisputable advantages

  • Cubic size significantly reduces shipping costs.
  • The metal frame is made on a 3D printer, and the use of CNC-mechanized technology ensures quick assembly.
  • If desired, the building can be easily dismantled and components moved to a new location without the need for a crane and truck.
  • The materials used in the house are moisture and fire-resistant, with a coating that protects against termites.
  • Construction can be easily expanded by ordering additional modules.

People who decide on this purchase will benefit in any case: they can save money because they have the opportunity to either complete the assembly themselves or hire people so as not to waste time on it. Thanks to the unique computer production process, the creators of the wonderful house designed elements that are ideally suited to each other and do not cause difficulties in the assembly of the house.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/

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