19 Reasons to Buy the Property in Greece

19 Reasons to Buy the Property in Greece

The resort attractiveness of Greece remains unchanged despite some of the economic downturn experienced by this country several years ago. Buying property in Greece continues to attract many investors who view this option as an opportunity to earn money over time on the increased price of the property.

Since 2005, you can get a residence permit in Greece when buying the property. Now for this, it is enough to purchase an object (or objects) in the amount of  € 250.000.

Why is it Profitable to Buy Property in Greece?

  1. A quick and easy procedure for obtaining a residence permit available to any wealthy person.
  2. For a relatively low cost, you get a comfortable and safe “spare airfield” for living in a European country.
  3. Open accounts and keeping savings in reliable European banks opportunity.
  4. A person can rent out a property and earn official income in the EU.
  5. Your children can study at any university in Europe without applying for a student visa.
  6. The lower cost of housing in the coastal areas. In other countries of the Schengen zone (Italy, Spain, and France) prices for similar apartments will be 10-20% higher.
  7. The relatively low cost of housing maintenance in Greece compared to other countries.
  8. The low cost of registration of real estate property and a small package of documents required for this.
  9. High demand for rental apartments. Real estate in Greece can bring a good income.
  10. Reliable investment of funds, prices for resale property in Greece are not lower than for new housing, and housing by the sea is very liquid. Having bought an apartment for a certain amount, you can always sell it in a few years for the same money.
  11. The possibility of obtaining by the owner of real estate in Greece and his relatives, a long-term tourist Schengen visa (3-5 years).
  12. The ban on high-rise construction in Greece. Unlike many countries (for example, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Spain, etc.), in Greece in the coastal zone of Halkidiki, there are no houses above 3 floors, which prevents a high population density.
  13. A high percentage of the population who speak English, thus avoiding language problems.
  14. Direct year-round flights to Thessaloniki and Athens.
  15. The low crime rate.
  16. The mild Mediterranean climate of Greece, according to pediatricians, is ideal for families with children.
  17. A high level of tourism development: developed tourist infrastructure and transport links.
  18. The longest coastline. Greece ranks 2nd in the world in the number of beaches marked with the blue flag.
  19. Rich cultural heritage, and a large number of attractions.

Amazing, inspiring, and glorious Greece is waiting for you!

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