Top Cities of Canada to Buy the Property

Top Cities of Canada to Buy the Property

Modern Canada is a country with a booming economy. The influx of new labor to the places of the most intensive development contributes to the growth of the residential real estate market in almost all more or less large settlements of the country.

At the moment Windsor, Ont., is the most favorable city to buy the property in Canada 2019. To achieve such a status, there has been done a great work.

In far away 2008 after the housing crash that struck the US, Windsor which is deeply connected with the latter’s automobile industry felt enormous pressure. Because of this event, the vacancy rate in the city stopped at 15%. It couldn’t affect the real estate market more seriously. Still, the investors who were not afraid of risks began to purchase the property and by 2015 their calculated risk had begun to take off.

In the last year, the desired level of perfect 3% of the vacancy rate was gained and, now, Windsor, Ont., is considered the place with a good value and great momentum. According to analysts, this city is the first in the rating of the best cities to buy property in Canada.

Still, there are others and we’ll dedicate some time to them too.

City Price Average 5-year rent increase 5-year annual ROI
1. Windsor (ON) € 276,29 11.14% 11%
2. Guelph (ON) € 465,24 20.02% 8%
3. Brantford (ON) €377,03 17.47% 9%
4. Victoria (BC) € 600,67 24.2% 7%
5. St. Catharines – Niagara (ON) € 347,19 13.84% 8%
6. London (ON) € 347,73 18.13% 9%
7. Hamilton (ON) € 518,17 25.58% 8%
8. Abbotsford – Mission (BC) € 725,34 34.47% 10%
9. Ottawa (ON) € 353,63 11.17% 2%
10. Kelowna (BC) € 433 28.1% 4%


These are the top 10 places in Canada to purchase real estate property. If to mention other cities right after these ones goes Peterborough (ON) (€ 384,651) and Kingston (ON) (€ 323,22).

Calgary (AB) (€ 361,57/12.87%/-2%) and Saskatoon (SK) (€ 249,34/2.5%/-4%) are considered the last places in the rating of the best Canadian cities to buy the property.

Golden Horseshoe does not include Windsor but this amazing city is the essential part of the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, that is the most industrialized region of Canada. Nearly half of the population of the country and 3 biggest metropolitan areas are involved here

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