Why Would You for sure Like to Live in Georgia?

Why Would You for sure Like to Live in Georgia?

Although Georgia cannot be called a rich country because of low wages and pensions, high unemployment, but you can confidently say that living here is comfortable and inexpensive.

Housing costs


Now, in large cities, there is an active building. A square meter in a new residential complex with good infrastructure (gym, pubs, shops, swimming pool, etc.) in Batumi 100-300 meters from the sea costs € 450-810. A good finish will cost € 180-207 per square meter. That is, it is quite possible to buy a small studio for € 18,870-22,460 with a finish. A two-room old apartment without repair in the center of Tbilisi can be bought for € 31,450-35,945, a one-room apartment for € 22,460-26,960. Further from the center, prices per square meter start at € 450.


Daily rent

Prices depend on the city, area, and season. For example, in July for the night, you will have to pay € 12-27 for a separate housing.

For long term

It is possible to rent a two-room apartment in Tbilisi with good repair near the metro for € 270 per month.



Food prices vary little in supermarket chains. The most popular stores are Spar, Goodwill, Carrefour, Smart, Nikora, Ioli, Ibisi, Foodmart, and Populi. There are also shops with goods from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Fast food

There are popular world networks in Georgia such as KFC, McDonald’s, and local fast-food establishments: Murgy’s Burger, Wendy’s, Mr.Cook, etc. For a burger here you will give € 0,9-3,2 (depending on the type and number of cutlets, stuffing), for a large portion of fries – € 0,5, and for a large glass of cola – € 0,5.

Clothing and Shopping

In large cities, there are enough international chains of affordable clothes like Waikiki or H&M. In shopping centers, the prices for clothes are T-shirt costs € 5-14, jeans – from € 11 (you can meet for € 72), dresses – € 9-27.


Public transport is well developed and represented by buses, minibusses, and subways. To use the public transport network you need to buy a Metromoney card for € 0.7, which, if desired, can be returned within a month by presenting a check. The fare on the subway and buses is € 0.18, in minibusses – € 0.27.

There are several funiculars in Tbilisi, with the help of which you can climb the local mountain parks. The fare is € 0,36-0,7 one way (depending on the destination station).


A liter of gas in Georgia costs an average of € 0,8. When renting a car carefully read the contract. Often it states that the applicant must return the car in an absolutely clean condition – this also applies to the cabin and the body. Previously, it is required to leave a deposit of € 180-270.

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