What are the Price Realities for an Average Person in the Czech Republic?

What are the Price Realities for an Average Person in the Czech Republic?

In today’s article, we will try to figure out how much life in the homeland of Franz Kafka and Alphonse Mucha costs? We’ll take into consideration the basic kinds of expenses for an ordinary person.

Housing costs

Renting an apartment in Prague is about a third more expensive than in provincial cities. One bedroom apartment in the residential area of ​​the capital can cost €350-400 per month, and in the center – all €600. To the cost of rent must be added a fee for utility services. The latter can differ dramatically in different parts of the city.

On average, a family of three living, in a three-room apartment (less than 60 sq. m) in the Czech capital spends up to €120-200 per month on electricity and utilities. In small towns, companies serving residential complexes rate their work more modestly, and there the expenses of tenants are 20% less.

Food expenses

Locals prefer to cook at home. Cafes, restaurants, and taverns are rather a place to meet friends on weekends or a place for a weekly family dinner (many families have such a tradition). How much does a Czech family of two people who eat exclusively at home spend on food? The minimum estimate is approximately €140 per month. But everyone’s appetites are different. On Internet forums, other families estimate their food expenses as €250, and €300, and €500.

Transportation costs

One trip by public transport, allowing transfers within one and a half hours, costs less than €1. Monthly travel costs €20. Car owners’ budget is at least €100 monthly for petrol and minimal car maintenance. They recommend, in order not to spend more on transport, combine the operation of a personal car with trips on trams and subways, because parking in the city is expensive: from €1.1 per hour, and there are often no free places.

Clothing costs

Among the most popular clothing stores in the Czech Republic are Marks & Spencer, Levi´s, Reserved, Esprit, C & A, Adidas, Mexx, Tom Tailor, and Zara. Perhaps, the cost of the “duty set” will be: jeans – €55-75, T-shirt – €8-25, jumper – €11-22, and shoes – €55-111.

Children’s education

Families with children moving to the Czech Republic should be aware that it is not difficult to arrange preschool children (from the age of 3) in a kindergarten, even if you are not yet citizens of the country. But kindergartens are chargeable – about €40 per month.

Secondary education in the Czech Republic is free, except for food expenses (about €11 per month). Secondary education in the Czech Republic will be expensive if you choose a private or foreign school for your child.

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